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Fiore Champagne Julia Tights

Fiore I’m coming at you! I saw these on The Tight Spot and wondered for ages whether I should get them or not. I’ve had some mixed feelings (and reviews) with Fiore over the past few years and to be honest… They normally aren’t that good!

So this time, I thought to myself give it a shot. They might have upped their game a little with their quality (as normally it’s just plain rubbish) … And here I am giving them a go once again!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: Small

Denier: 40

Materials: 86% Polyamide, 12% Elastane, 2% Metallic yarn

Price: £6.95

Website: The Tight Spot – Fiore Champagne Sparkle Seam Tights

Discount Code: PANDA10 for 10% off worldwide

My Outfit

A little playful outfit work work today; a sheer white shirt with dotted hearts tucked into my bottle green bodycon skirt and my smaller heeled court shoes just to add a bit of height.

My Deets

Shirt: Forever21

Skirt: New Look

Tights: Fiore

Shoes: Soletrader




The Review

From The Website: Champagne Tights from Fiore have a subtle metallic glitter seam along the calf. Featuring a sparkly ornate motif at the heel, which leads into a glimmering back seam up to the back of the knee where the seam ends in a smaller, glittering motif. These 40 denier tights include a boxer brief and a reinforced toe for extra comfort and durability. Sizes Medium and Large are finished with a cotton gusset. 86% Polyamide, 12% Elastane, 2% Metallic yarn

– 40 Denier

– Metallic Motif at Heel and Knee

– Seam from Ankle to Knee

– Reinforced Toe


The Packaging: now you can tell this is part of Fiore’s newer collection as they have changed their packaging. The model shows off the full leg on the left with a close up image of the design on the right side. It also states the brand and model of the hosiery at the front too.

The back only goes into slightly more detail about the hosiery along with the sizing guide, hosiery care etc.

Once you get in, you will find them flat packed with the design sitting in the middle of the hosiery. These aren’t crease-folded (which is unfortunate as it would have made it easier to get on and line up at the back).



Getting Them On: I did these without gloves on this time, as it’s a slightly thicker denier. I did my usual scrunch and roll up taking care over the anklets.

At this point I would go slow to make sure that the design is sitting where I want it to (saves me the hassle of rolling down and starting again) so then I can carry on and set them at the top.

These were super smooth to glide on the legs



On The Legs: these are so nice! They are pretty opaque, so you get some great dense leg coverage (if that is something you’re after) and the design is super subtle at the back too.

The fit is really good; I had complaints about them the whole day and the feel is once again – super soft and smooth. They felt great on the legs and fitted like they’re supposed to. You can get some that can be slightly baggy on the legs when you’ve had a day’s wear in them, but these are pretty cool.

The quality started off great, but then I found out that these can snag super easily! I managed to get a nice long one across my thigh during the day which I was upset about, but luckily that was the only one as I was vigilant thereon after!

The design is not something that I can really brag about here to be honest; it’s small, it’s subtle and it just gives that little touch at the back of the outfit. It blends in a fair bit in normal daylight, but when the sun hits it does sparkle a tad. It does mention that it starts from ankle to knee, but I found it stops just a few inches under the knee; it depends on your height and how much you tug them up the legs!



The Toes & Ankle: so I am happy to say that these are reinforced (yay)! It helps when they are as you don’t have to worry so much about your toes popping holes in your hosiery during the day. I feel that your footwear shouldn’t be compromised depending on your hosiery in case they might rip or apply too much pressure etc.

Anyways, these fit really well on the toes and around the feet, giving you plenty of wiggle room and no sign of pressure being added around the toes during the day.

Around the ankles, these are a nice smooth wrinkle-free finish which is something that always makes me smile. Nothing worse than a nice pair which look too big on you!



The Waistband & Gusset: the waistband is another plus point as these are a lovely soft comfortable band. They fit really well and sit around belly-button level. They have plenty of elasticity in them and have a lovely semi-firm grip on the waist. I found no signs of them falling during the day.

Now the gusset is an interesting one – THERE ISN’T ONE! I found it dead weird as it was just a seam and that was it!




My Thoughts?

Overall I am super impressed with Fiore; they seemed to have upped their game which I am glad about for a change!

The design is cute; simple but cute, the denier is great if you’re after something a little darker but makes them legs look good and I love the way they felt. The only downfall was that snag, so bear in mind you will need to take care when you’re rocking these!


One thought on “Fiore Champagne Julia Tights

  1. Love love love that gorgeous sunshine hitting those tights like that. Gives your legs such a lovely warm haze effect.
    As for the ‘above the gusset’ shot. It reminds me of a bungee jump I did a long time ago 😏😛

    Do like those.