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Fiore Celia Holdups

Hello Fiore and the same dress again! I was on a mission to get some shots done as the hubby was asleep in our room and this is the only room that I had in the house to actually get some photos done.

I ended up in this outfit for the day, but thought it was easier to get my knee highs done for Love Your Legs. But this is the actual outfit that I wore!

Now I got these gifted by a follower, and instead of pushing them back to get the collab blogs done, I decided to wear them seeing as the day is beautiful!

The Spec

Colour: Cappuccino

Size: Small

Denier: 30

Price: £4.49

Website: Amazon

My Outfit

So I went with a pleated floral dress which I then belted around the waist to give me more of a defined shape. Dresses like this which are loose look massive on me, so I always have to stick a belt on to actually make me look closer to the size I am.

I didn’t pair with shoes as hubby was on the bed and my shoes are kept underneath, but when I did shift him off I teamed up with some converses to give it a more dressed down look!

I left my hair down with it and added some small silver drop earrings!

My Deets

Dress: Lipsy

Hosiery: Fiore

Belt: Republic



The Review

To start it off, there is some blurb on the Amazon website about these, which I thought was very useful:

* 30 Denier
* Double silicone bands, Matte appearance
* 87% Polyamide, 13% Elastane
* Hand wash
* Sheer Leg – small net type
* Seam colour is the same colour as the overall leg colour

* Size 2 Small to fit: foot length 23/24 cm, inside leg length 70/72 cm

* Size 3 Medium to fit: foot length 25/26 cm inside leg length 74/78 cm

* Size 4 Large to fit: foot length 27/28 cm, inside leg length 82 cm


The Packaging: is dark, very luxurious and sexy looking. These look like they are part of the ‘Obsession’ collection that they have, but it’s not stated anywhere on there. It shows the model wearing the holdups at the front and then all the details at the back:


The Toes: so I am super glad that these are reinforced. I actually have missed this as most of the hosiery I have been reviewing hasn’t had this little feature and I have missed it. At the moment I don’t have long nails to put them to the test with, but it’s always nice knowing! The seams just sit at the back and the side of the toes.

Just under the back of the toes is where the backseam begins. This is how I know that these are reinforced as normally the backseam would start right from the toe seam with other brands.


The Band: is actually a really pretty band! It’s a lovely diamond lace look and it’s a lovely thick one too! I managed to pull these up so they sat quite high on me so the band isn’t fully exposed. It has a double silicone strip inside at the top, but I have to say one leg didn’t sit on me too well and actually bumped up (see the second image).

You can see it is slightly raised and bumped up from the leg, so I had to keep on pressing it down to make sure that it sat against my leg properly. After a few readjustments, I finally got there.


The Colour & Denier: is something that I thought would look great on me and honestly i wasn’t feeling it at all. I did a cappuccino colour before for Legslavish (that exclusive videos at Christmas) and I absolutely loved the colour on me. But a sheer cappuccino colour makes my legs look like they’re dirty and haven’t been washed. I didn’t expect them to be bang on my skin colour, but something that makes them look a little more flattering.

The best thing I like about them the most is the backseam if anything. It matches the colour of the hosiery rather than being the statement seam.

The denier is 30, which means they are slightly thicker and I think that’s why they don’t look right on me. If they were slightly lighter, they wouldn’t look as bad. The thickness of the denier is actually really nice but not too thick that you can’t wear them in summer.

The feel of them are quite rough; I didn’t think that they would be, but as they have a slight matte finish to them, they don’t feel smooth on the skin which is a shame really. It just means you will be able to snag and catch these quite easily. I don’t mean to slate them, but they do feel like a cheap pair on, even if they don’t look it.


Snagging: is a small issue I encountered. My nail was the cause of this, but it’s certainly not something that stands out to the crowd. Luckily it was at the back of my leg!



Overall Thoughts?

I do think these are a nice pair, but the colour and the quality is a definite no no from me. I feel like Fiore could have done a lot better to make these feel more luxurious on the legs rather than that dingy look they have. I expected cappuccino to be quite a lovely colour on, but maybe in a gloss more than a matte finish.

The band and backseam is lovely and works so well, but the colour has put me off.

Sorry Fiore but I think these are a no no. I would like to try them in black to see if I still feel the same!


5 thoughts on “Fiore Celia Holdups

  1. I did liked this review very much Soni,you’re legs&feet are looking stunning in these stockings.Thank you very much!

    Greetz Andre😘