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Fiore Catmint Patterned Tights

This little purchase was made a little while ago from my Amazon Wishlist, and I was super intrigued with their design. It’s not something I have come across in a while (and when I last saw it, it was a Fiore pair too) so I thought I would get my hands on them to try out and see what they’re like on the legs!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: 2 – Small

Denier: 30

Materials: 81% Polyamide, 19% Elastane

Price: £7.99

Website: Amazon – Fiore Luxury 30 Denier Decorative 3D Patterned Tights

My Outfit

It’s a tad cold today, so let’s wear clothing with sleeves and is a little longer than a skirt too! I paired up my denim-looking dress with some lace-up court shoes to finish off my look. I kept jewellery to a minimum but you can always add a choker to long necklace.

My Deets

Dress: In The Style

Tights: Fiore 

Heels: Public Desire



The Review

From The Website: Fiore 30 Denier luxury tights. Super fine 3D patterned tights with decorative panther print detailing.

Fiore Luxury 30 Denier Super Fine Decorative 3D Patterned Tights
Brand New With Tags and Gift Packed
81% Polyamide and, 19% Elastane
Fiore 30 Denier luxury tights. Super fine 3D patterned tights with decorative panther print detailing.


The Packaging: this is what made me super intrigued with them – that model! Even though the highlight of them is around the waist, I still liked how they have a polka dot effect to them coming down the legs.

The front shows the model wearing them, and the back goes into a little detail about the pair. What I didn’t realise was that these are a fine net rather than a smooth pair of tights. There was no mention of them being a net base at all; but hey, let’s work with what we have got. It just means I have to be super careful with my nails getting these on and off.


Getting Them On: I took my time to get them over the anklets and rolled up the legs. I wore hosiery gloves doing so as I didn’t want to create any snags or rips in the tights before actually walking around in them.

I made sure that they didn’t over-stretch in any way and that they were rolled up the legs (not pulled up).



On The Legs: well let me say that the best thing about that fine net is that they add this slimming look to the legs. It is a complete matte finish, which works wonders if you wanted that silhouette look.

The downside is that when the hosiery is stretched out on the legs, the dots look like they have been squished instead of keeping their shape. It just oozes on the legs near the top if you compare it to the bottom. I wasn’t a huge fan of this, and thank goodness that I wasn’t wearing anything short so you could see this as I was walking around.

The quality of them are really good; I didn’t have any snags or rips in them and tried my best to make sure that I avoided anything sharp or rough. These don’t have much stretch to them, but you still get a good hugging fit on the legs though.

Before I forget to mention, you will see the 4th image showing you a marking encased in a yellow circle. This has stayed put all day on the legs, no matter how many times I took my tights down and rolled back up again or tried to rub it away using my fingertips. I have no idea how that even happened and it certainly wasn’t going anytime soon either.

The fit of these are true to size, so I would recommend going one size up if you’re unsure. You’re probably better off doing so in this case. The feel of them are slightly rough but still a little soft. They aren’t smooth that’s for sure and these could easily get damaged if you’re not careful. I do feel that these would have worked better if they weren’t such a fine net.

Now there isn’t much to say about the design here as we’re just looking at polka dots being spread out the further up the legs you go. So I will mention the waist design part further down.



The Toes & Ankle: I don’t think the toes have reinforcement around them, so we shall have to be super careful wearing them with long nails. Luckily I cut mine down and smoothed them at the tips before I got my pair on today. These are fine around the feet; they have plenty of wiggle room, and they don’t have any pressure applied to them during the day either.

Around the feet and ankle it’s just the same. They have a fitted finish and look great overall.



The Waistband & Gusset: now let me start off by saying that this pair does not have a gusset to them, so I would advise underwear be worn unless you’re ok with how it is.

The band itself is pretty slim, but does its job well. It was a little tight to begin with, but it loosens very slightly once you start moving in them and carry on with your day. This sits around the waist on me and stays put all day long. I have no issues with this band at all.

The design is the eye-catcher part, and I truly love it. It’s my little secret, and it looks absolutely amazing when the clothes come off and you see this. It has this cat/leopard look to it all the way around for a good few inches, and then works into a smaller circular design further down you go until they end up as polka dots.



My Thoughts?

I gotta say these are a pretty funky pair, but I’m not so keen on the netting. If I had known beforehand, it wouldn’t have been an issue, but it did make me think. Apart from that, I do like the design and this is perfect for those who like minimalism on the legs. but don’t mind it being a statement piece when it gets to the top.

4 thoughts on “Fiore Catmint Patterned Tights

  1. Ohhhhhhh! I get the picture now!

    Nice looking and I never noticed that they were net versus smooth on your IG posts.

  2. Nice review glad you did this one was thinking the look interesting. But after reading your review can see are not for me and love wearing different looks from outlandish to casual.

  3. I just love anything on u. Very Sexy Pantyhose Legs and Feet. I wish I was there with u, giving u a Massage , while u are wearing pantyhose. Keep the Pictures coming.