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Fiore Canella Mock Stockings

I got gifted these beauties by my follower @collantlover a while ago and it has taken me some time getting round to reviewing them.

I tend to work my way through what was gifted first as it’s only fair 🙂

Now these pair are pretty special as these are one of the first mock stockings I have had like these – the other pairs I previously owned have always had a line strap (if you know what I mean) but never have I owned a pair like this.

  • These are a nice pair of tights – not too bad quality but you can tell it would snag very easily (and it did – luckily in the 40 denier bit at the bottom so you can’t tell too much).
  • I love the 40 / 20 denier contract – it makes the red at the back pop out really well.
  • It’s a lovely thick denier at the bottom – it does keep your legs nice and warm!
  • I love the waist band on it – stays put all day and doesn’t move at all.
  • They don’t tend to move around – some tights do and then the back seam doesn’t stay straight. Well these actually do for the whole day until you have to go and pee – then you got to redo it again!
  • I think these make any outfit look super girly and cute – the bows are what does it the most!
  • They come packaged well too – wrapped around the cardboard so I’m happy!!


The not so good bits:

  • It snags easy – so be careful
  • No reinforced toe and doesn’t fit comfy around the toes – so expect a little bit of loose material around the edges
  • As you can see with the red bows below (the close-up) it design isn’t too great and it’s not that great quality. This is taking them straight out of the pack and before putting them on!
  • It does crease up at the ankle slightly – this might be to do with the thicker denier.
  • It does catch fluff quite quickly, so now and again you may need to dust it off.

I cannot express enough how hard it was to get a backshot of these so I do apologise for any blurry shots!

P.s: if you see the blue on the backshot – that is my chair and not my underwear just so we’re clear!!

The deets for today:

Floaty Dress – H&M

Tights – Fiore Canella via Amazon

Booties – Marks & Spencers


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