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Fiore Body Care High Waisted Tights

Back to high waisted tights we go, but this time in Fiore. I saw these, which are supposed to be body shaping, so let’s put that to the test 🙂

If you haven’t seen my last post on high waisted tights, then hit the link below (opens in a new tab):

Adrian Grazia Tights

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: Small

Denier: 20 & 40

Materials:  79% Polyamide, 19% Elastane, 2% Cotton

Price: £8.89

Website: ebay – Fiore Body Care Shaping Tights High Waist Bikini 20 & 40 Denier


My Outfit

Keeping it simple (yet wild with the hair) to work today, I wore my grey bodycon dress (so you can see the tights in action underneath) and added open toe sandals.

My Deets

Dress: Republic

Tights: Fiore

Heels: Simmi



The Review

From The Website: High-waisted bikini tights, help make your waist and belly slimmer.
High waistband with silicone inside keeps these tights in place all day.
Tights have a cotton gusset, flat seams and invisible reinforced toes.
As a result of Silver Fresh Technology application, woman’s skin stays fresh and dry,
and the problem of bacterial and fungal growth is kept under control.

Fibre content: 79% Polyamide, 19% Elastane, 2% Cotton

Available sizes:
2 – Small
3 – Medium
4 – Large


The Packaging: so as you can see on the front, the model is wearing the hosiery in nude, so you get the jist of what’s inside. The back goes into a little more detail:

“High-waisted bikini tights, help make your waist and belly slimmer.”

You will be able to tell the front from the back with the way these are shaped; the front has a slimmer v shape and the back is a lot wider around the tushy. It actually looks like half a body suit lol!

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Getting Them On: so as these are really long, you will need to take extra care with these. I first folded down the top part, and then did my scrunch from the top of the thigh. It does become hard to do so as you’re working with a lot of material, but you get there (eventually!)

I found these fine to get on, and over anklets as long as you take care, it’s all good.



On The Legs: now these are a nice finish on the legs. The only downfall is that fluff and dust does catch onto the tights, so you do need to keep brushing yourself off from time to time.

The quality of these are real good; no snags or rips throughout the day is great! These are pretty elasticated so you shouldn’t find these too tight on the legs, and pretty hard to snag really.

The fit of them are superb; they are true to size, but don’t be scared to one size up if you feel you are between sizes. The feel of them are soft, but not a silky finish I gotta say as these are supposed to be matte.


The Toes & Ankle: these are slightly reinforced as you can see from that thin strip going across the toes, which does help!

They have plenty of wiggle room and no extra material around the toes or feet which is great. The same goes for the ankle area, as there wasn’t any wrinkles.


The Waistband & Body: now onto the main part! I have to admit I didn’t find these to be that great; like they didn’t make me look any slimmer than what I already was. It gives the illusion when you first get them on, but practically I don’t think it actually did anything in the end. Not only that, I didn’t feel any pressure come from these to make it feel like they are shaping.

Now as you can see, these come up real high (to the point they sit just under my bust) and pretty high at the back, so you may need to rethink what bra you pair with these.

The top of them have 1 silicone strip going around the top, which help to keep these up. The great thing is that it holds so well, but the con is that when you start perspiring, it does start to pull away from you which means they aren’t sitting flush. Luckily I was wearing a tight bodycon, so it had nowhere to go or fall, but I would have been in trouble if I didn’t!

Another pointer to mention is that seam is a right nightmare with bodycons; as the top is so thick, and the stitching is just as thick, this shows through the outfit. It certainly did through mine which was a right pain!



My Thoughts?

Overall, I like where they was going with this but putting it to the test, I’m not too sure I’m feeling this to be honest. I love the way they look on the legs; a real nice 20 denier coverage, but the top part has no point to it if it doesn’t do anything.

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