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Fiore Atessa Tights

After an eventful weekend of wedding planning, shopping and photo-shooting, I am finally able to do my reviews!

A big thank you to my follower who gifted me these – they are super excited to see these pair and to be honest so was I this morning!


My Outfit Today

Well I was pondering away about what I could pair with these tights this morning, and suddenly I thought what could go with stripes? PING – a stripey top with a bodycon skirt!

As it’s not yet Autumn, I didn’t want to go too dark with pairing a top with my green skirt, so to lighten it up my cream and black off-the-shoulder top will go along with my brown wedge boots to make it more casual. You can easily turn this outfit formal by wearing them with heels, however after spending the weekend in heels, I just needed a little break so my wedges were the one.

My Deets:

Top: H&M

Skirt: New Look

Booties: Toms

Tights: Via Amazon


The Review

So getting them on I would recommend the scrunch and roll. Even though they are 40 deniers, the back of them are sheer which will easily snag (when you feel the area, you can tell it’s not a smooth reinforced quality). Plus it makes it easier to get them lined up and centered as it all starts under the reinforced toes.

You don’t need to pinch and pull the design in place as it almost sets itself to be honest. I didn’t have to do it at all with these and they have been put all day today!

The design works up from the toes all the way to under the bum cheeks. You will then find a cut-off point where it just becomes 40 denier sheer. I love how unique these are – a little twist on the strap ones you can get at the moment, making the back of you stand out more. I do love tights like these pair!

The band is strong and sturdy; it did feel weak when I was playing with the elastic this morning, however when they are on, they are really good!

I would put down the rectangle boxes at the back as 10-15 denier to give the ultimate see through look at the back. When they are on, it does look a lot brighter than when you look at them when they’re off. I suppose that also depends on the colour of your legs too!


One thing I am not impressed about is that they are pretty tight for their size. I am normally XS/S and these are a small. However I really had to tug them up my legs to make sure the gusset doesn’t sit lower than it actually is. That resulted in my tights having lines going through them at the front. I would possibly opt for the next size up in these, unless these were out of a bad batch!


Overall opinion? I think these are pretty damn cool and really funky. You can certainly play around with this design and as mentioned, it’s a twist on the classic strapped tights you can get from placed lie eBay and Amazon. I do like the 40-15 contrast that they have going on and the fact that they do turn your outfit into a playful one, however I am not too happy about the sizing of these this time around.


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