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Fiore Ardea & Maxi Split Skirts

It’s getting colder and colder in the UK and trying to brave it out in tights is becoming somewhat a mission! However one way of still being in them is to pair up with longer skirts! Nothing nicer than keeping warm and still being able to show them off.


I teamed my pair up with a black maxi skirt (I have this in various colours) and a simple plain silky shirt just to set off the design. The nicest thing about it was that the skirt slightly clung to the left side of my leg but then had my right leg peeping out from time to time. It gives that little mystery of what’s underneath I suppose – that’s how I got many people to stare!


The best thing about it was the type of style these tights are, it starts off polka dotty from the toes to the thigh and then you get a cut-off point which is a band that goes around both thighs. Where my split stops at the top is where the band shows through so it actually looks like I’m wearing stockings underneath rather than tights!  I LOVE IT! To finalise the outfit, I tied my hair up and back and then added my choker into it!

It got lots of stares and comments as well – pretty awesome combo I think!


My Deets:

Shirt: H&M

Skirt: Off eBay

Choker: ALDO

Tights: Fiore Ardea via eBay

Boots: Forever21


5 thoughts on “Fiore Ardea & Maxi Split Skirts

  1. Wow. Really loving these. There are so many spot/dot designs around at the min. I’ve got my eyes on some Calzedonia ones 😉
    Hope the quality was good with these as it’s been pretty hit and miss with Fiore just lately.
    It’s no wonder you got so many comments Soni, your outfit looks amazeballs 😘😘😘😘

    1. Ah these are pretty good hun I got them a while ago and haven’t worn them for ages!!!! Ah there sure is – they’ve come back round again!!!! Aww thank you hun 😘😘😘