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Fiore Anais Stockings (Obsession Collection)

Seeing as I had a bit of free time last night, I decided to make a start on my stockings. I always keep meaning to get them done on the weekend, but as the wedding is coming closer, it makes it even harder to get it done so after work it now has to be!

Thank you to my follower who gifted me these – They gifted a while back so I thank them even more for waiting!

I didn’t pair these with an outfit or shoes even – I wanted them to be a stand-alone piece as I haven’t done one of them in ages! So my oversized fluffy poncho had to do *teethy grin*


So let’s begin:

  • Once they came out of the packaging, they were folded in half. This actually makes it easier when you have a backseam to get them on, as you can use the crease at the front to help you get it lined up at the back without having the bend over backwards or peek through legs like I do! I hardly had to pinch the backseam in place.
  • They are really soft and smooth – pretty impressed with these. They were easy to roll on and went over the anklets nicely too. Even when you run your hands down then, it’s a smooth feel.
  • I can say that you don’t need a belt to hold these up as they stayed on really well when I was taking these shots – I was all over the place to get good angles and they stayed put. Although I suppose it’s personal preference really – I only did it as a bedroom shot whereas if you’re wearing them out and about, then maybe a belt is a good idea.
  • I love how thick the band is at the top – between 7cm-10cm and cover most of the thigh. It’s a lovely soft material and just adds that pop when you look at it from the front as well as the back.
  • The zig-zag design can be dressed in many ways – either sexy or playful. I went with the bedroom look – just simple and effective. But this can be paired with flowy skirts or dresses to give it that cute pin-up vibe


The only point to watch out for is when you take them off – they do snag a bit. I ended up catching it on my nail when rolling them down, so hosiery gloves are a must for these.


Would I recommend these? Yep I would. They are a lovely pair that can be dressed in multiple ways due to the way they look. As mentioned before, you can just stick with bedroom and keep it simple or get out there and play around with it to create such a cute look. Just remember that your footwear will play a part in these – they can either make them look luxurious or just look slutty (I can’t think of a nicer term here!)


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