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Fiore Amour Suspender Tights

Aren’t these just super awesome? And these are my second pair as well – this style is not only comfortable to wear but makes you feel sexy at the same time.

Thank you to my follower who gifted me these – much love going your way with all the amazing stuff you have purchased!


My Outfit Today

I went with a checkered skater dress along with black court shoes to keep it simple and effective (not like you can even see the top of them!)

I wanted to go for a more laid back (with a bit of smart with the shoes) to work today rather than dressing it up. Plus it’s grim and wet again and I’m so tired today I really wasn’t bothered.


So down to my review on these:

  • I won’t go into much detail about the packaging just because Fiore is always the same. But it was done well and the image of the suspenders at the front is what you will get inside too.
  • They’re easy to get on – although you will need to scrunch and roll these as I kept getting stuck at first.
  • The suspenders sit just below the bum which isn’t so bad – I don’t really like them ¼ way down my thigh just in case that gust of wind comes again
  • I do like the simple design on them – nothing too fancy but just enough to give it the eye popping factor. Cute really…
  • I love the fact that they have reinforced toes on them – I think that is the bonus of it all!
  • These can be paired with any outfit at all – being plain sheers just works with everything. If you wanted a little more risqué I would opt for a mini shirt or short shorts.I do have to admit there are quite a few blah points I have to mention:
  • Snag snag snag! These are so easy to snag. Not too impressed with Fiore lately – their quality seems to be dropping slightly.
  • Around the legs, you can see steaks in the tights. It’s more noticeable at the back from the heel up – which does make the tights look cheap in my eyes.
  • Even though they state 20 denier, I actually think it is less than this due to the thickness and quality. 20s are normally pretty good however I can’t say that they are with these!!!


So would I recommend these? Well honestly I don’t think I would. They are such a lovely pair and I think the whole concept of it is so awesome and would work so well with many different outfits, but due to the quality I don’t think it’s worth spending your money on. You would be better off with brands that might charge a little more as you know you would be paying for quality then.


5 thoughts on “Fiore Amour Suspender Tights

  1. I do like suspender tights, but you are so right about Fiore quality of late. I’m a big fan of their brand in particular the Rula tights and I’ve also noticed a drop in quality. Shame really as they were an affordable everyday brand. 😘