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Fiore Adelle Metallic Tights

Black and Metallics are my favourite combination. I just love the way it pops and stands out when paired with darker shades.

I got these a while back from Amazon, and what a bargain they were too!


My Outfit Today

Yep I went all black once again, making my legs the statement piece this time. I wanted to go for a royal or electric blue with these, but then realised that my dresses were in the wash, so my polo neck bodycon had to do! I went with boots to give it more of an edgy look and then topped it off with my long metallic cardigan (there’s not a pic of this below).

My Deets:

Disc Earrings: From Spain

Bodycon Dress: Miss Selfridge

Tights: Via Amazon

Boots: Forever 21

Cardigan Mentioned: AX Paris


The Review

  • So the packaging is back to the standard that I normally mention – all white with the leg model showing off the design. They were packaged well – in plastic and wrapped around cardboard. They didn’t snag when taking them off and getting them on.
  • You will find that the design starts off from the reinforced toes and goes up right to the top – not to the waistband though. It will go slightly bent, however that works really well when you’re rolling them up the thighs. It works with your shape and not against it – some just start going wonky and it takes forever to line up. However with these, all you need to do is keep your leg straight and let the fingers do the work. I didn’t even have to readjust or re-line them up at all!!
  • I did mention reinforced toes with these! WOOPEE! Good job as some of my toenails need trimming and keep catching onto my tights!
  • What I do love about these is not only are they 40 denier so they do have some opaqueness to them, but the fact that they are microfiber. This means that those bodycon dresses and skirts slide against these beautifully rather than sticking to them. I had that problem with the Fiore Muse yesterday – it just made my jersey skirt cling to them rather than swooshing past. With these, it’s like they have this smooth coating on them that makes materials just glide across them.
  • Now the important part – I first though oh crap here we go again with the metallic weaving through the tights so it’s bound to rub against my skin and irritate it. However I have to say that they actually don’t! They haven’t bugged me once today and have stayed put all day – thumbs up! Normally they would on cheaper materials, and I honestly thought it would with these as Fiore haven’t been up to scratch lately. But these are just lovely and perfect for those days where you want your leg to shine!
  • The waistband is sturdy and tight – not too tight though! It keep them in place and doesn’t move at all! You may find tighter jersey materials may have a different effect, but I haven’t tried that out yet!
  • No snags found just yet – however I haven’t put them through hell and back just yet.


One little pointer to mention – I did get the ombre effect with these tights; they were really dark at the foot and as I kept rolling up without tugging it, they did become lighter and lighter. I tried to pull it up from the foot to get it to the right consistency, but it just didn’t work. I suppose this could also be because of my height – if you’re taller it just may work for you. One way to solve this may be to add a sheer layer underneath if it does bug you!


The outcome? I actually do think they are worth buying. They’re a subtle glam pair that can work day or night depending on the outfit you go for!!


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