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Fereshte Transparent Stiletto Heel

And then comes in some perspex to mix it up a little. Now I had a pair before which were fully perspex all the way round, with a black sole and heel. This is a nice little switch up from that with the use of velvet 🙂

If you didn’t get to catch that review before, then click the link below (opens in a new tab):

Fashion Thirsty Perspex Court Shoes

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: UK 5.5

Materials: Outer Material: Velvet, Inner Material: Manmade, Sole: Gum Rubber

Price: £19.99

Website: Amazon – fereshte Ladies Womes Transparent Stiletto Heel Dress Court Shoes …

The Review

From The Website: PVC plastic side upper and Velveteen pointed part due to culture difference, the same material may named differently, if you need further material information, please kindly contact us promptly
Heel Height (4.3″)11 centimetres please kindly allow slightly color difference
Strut your way into those warmer seasons in these transparent pointed stiletto high heel shoes
Perfect teamed with pretty summer dresses or jeans for that classy look. You are sure to amaze in this elegant style whether you are attending a wedding, prom, party, event or going clubbing.

Outer Material: Velvet
Inner Material: Manmade
Sole: Gum Rubber
Closure: Slip-On
Heel Height: 4.3 inches
Heel Type: Stiletto
Material Composition: 50% Velveteen +50% PVC
Shoe Width: Regular


The Packaging: now this is new. I haven’t received a pair of shoes like this before. The outer packaging was a plain box (pretty sturdy box too) and when you get in, you find the shoes wrapped in mesh pouches and inserted into this weird plastic bag that covers only half of them. I have no idea what was going on there…

So I inspected them all over, making sure there was no marks anywhere … It was all good 🙂


Getting Them On: so these are easily enough to slip into. I will say that normally UK 5.5 is like the best fit for me, especially being in-between sizes… And this time it turns out to be quite big! I am so confused with shoe sizing nowadays! You would think they use a generic tool to do this, but clearly not!



On The Feet: so as these were just slightly big on me, I decided to pop in some foot pads for the time being. I will need to dig out some heel grips as well to help keep the foot intact in the shoes whilst walking.

The design I think is real nice; it’s pretty classy compared to most perspex heels you can get nowadays.  I like the toe and heel touch;

it’s like when you get RHT hosiery, but in a shoe form.

What I do love most about it is that you don’t get a lot of foot exposure in these; it’s mainly the sides, but forward facing these do look real nice.

The fit got better after that bit of padding was added, but I will need to play around with this and make sure it’s discreet. I felt my toes were not cramped at any point in these, there was no rubbing on the sides of the feet; I thought there might be as sometimes the perspex material can do that is not sealed correctly.

The soles on these were not too bad; I thought they would be pretty slippy to begin with, but these had some decent grip (as long as you’re not running on smooth flooring to begin with).

The heel height I would class as high, I won’t bother saying medium as there is no such thing in my eyes (well there is as I do have some heels like that but still…)



My Thoughts?

Can you tell I really like these? I think these are a lovely take on the normal perspex heels, and I am so glad I finally have a pair like this. This is one I would’t hesitate wearing to work compared to my other ones where I didn’t think it suited office attire as much; it was more of a party / going out heel.

2 thoughts on “Fereshte Transparent Stiletto Heel

  1. Good afternoon Soni,these beauties are the best,when you’re wearing contrast ff nylons,if you would ask me😉
    Have a nice day gorgeous!

    Greetz Andre😘