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Fereshte Ankle Strap Stiletto Sandals

The wait is finally over – I have the shoes now reviewed and up on the blog for you all!

These were gifted around my birthday (a few months ago) and I have slipped into them to show you all what they’re actually like!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: UK 5.5

Materials: Outer: PU | Inner: PU | Sole: Gum Rubber

Price: £26.99

Website: Amazon – Fereshte Unisex Men’s Women’s Corss Strap Ankle Buckle Stiletto High Heels Sandals

The Review

From The Website: fereshte Unisex Men’s Women’s Corss Strap Ankle Buckle Stiletto High Heels Sandals

Heel Height:3.5UK-4.5UK 12.5cm/4.92″ 6.5UK-9UK 13CM/5.11″ 10UK-12UK 13.5cm/5.31″
Closure: Buckle
Outer Material: PU
Closure: Buckle
Heel Type: Stiletto
Sole: Rubber Comfortable sole
The height of the high heels can look like your legs, improve your temperament and increase your charm.


The Packaging: what you see below is what I got through the door one morning. The box came in plastic packaging all damaged and bent. It was super cheap cardboard so no wonder really.

The heels were kept in 2 mesh bags to protect the patent – this eliminates rubbing against one another and avoids scratches from happening.


Getting Them On: these are a pair which you set the buckle to how loose or tight you want it and then use the hook to grip it behind so it stays in place. I do love that little invention as it makes it easier than actually having to do the buckle (and ruining long nails)

With or without hosiery, your foot slips in easily.


On The Feet: now at first I thought these were too small for me, but looking in the mirror once they were on, they were the perfect fit. I would recommend you check out the sizing guide before you purchase if you’re unsure. I went with UK 5 rather than 6 as I wanted a snug fit and no gapping at the front or back.

With hosiery on, I would recommend using some anti-slip grips as my foot just kept on slipping forward in these and I had to keep pushing my foot back every so often to make sure they sit right. If you were barefoot, you wouldn’t have much of an issue here.

The front of the sandals have a lovely vintage look to them with 4 straps either side pinched together in the middle. The ankle strap has a lovely criss-cross design at the back too, which I think looks gorgeous. It would be just as nice if it was a plain design, but I always feel it adds a little more to the look when you have some criss-crossing action.

The heel height is pretty high (and I mean high loves), and without an single inch of platform, I will say that your feet do feel it afterwards. My feet started hurting after a few hours wear as you’re basically on your tip toes for ages with no support, so I would really consider this if you’re looking into buying them. If you can hack it, then by all means but I did struggle (I KNOW) this time around.

The straps at the front didn’t rub against my toes or feet at any point, mainly because I had hosiery on so it rubbed against that instead. I will need to try these barefoot to see if they do rub against the skin or not.



My Thoughts?

I gotta say I do love these sandals. They’re simple, elegant and look so gorgeous on the feet too. I think they are wonderful, but it’s a shame that they do end up hurting after a while. Apart from that, I would certainly recommend these!

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  1. Good morning Soni,this review is awesome,your delicious nyloned feet in these sexy sandals,there ain’t so much more,what can beat this view.Allright I would say there is,your delicious feet in ff or rht nylons😉
    Thank you very much and have a nice day Goddess👣

    Greetz Andre😘