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Fenbao Mesh Jacquard Tights

So this is one brand I have not heard of … And I can see why to be honest. I did some research on them and as they are all made in China, not trying to sound rude but you will instantly know the quality of them.

I used to get pairs from China before; they’re cheap, they have some great designs… but they are all ‘one size’ and the quality 90% of the time is so bad, there isn’t any point in even spending 99p on them!

I have had some where I picked them up for under £1 each, and I wish I never even bothered. They were tacky, they didn’t fit (too big) and they were just rough and horrible on the legs.

So this brand will be interesting … Let’s see if they’re one size will be better than my previous!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: One Size (UK 8 -12 / EU 36-40)

Denier: Unknown

Materials: 95% nylon, 5% elastane

Price: £4.99

Website: Amazon – New Ladies Black Jacquard Seamless Patterned Pantyhose Tights Hosiery Lingerie Fashion Tights Hen Night Halloween One Size Fits UK 8-12


The Review

From The Website: New Ladies Black Jacquard Seamless Patterned Pantyhose Tights Hosiery Lingerie Stockings Halloween Fancy Dress Fashion Hosiery Stockings

  • All over pattern
  • Stretch material, spandex+nylon
  • One size fits UK 8-12 EU 36-40


The Packaging: so the packaging is very basic; I mean VERY basic! The model is at the front wearing the hosiery with the brand name and make of the tights. The back only states the design, the materials and hosiery care.

Once you get inside, you will find the CARD INSIDE THE TIGHTS which really annoyed me! I had to prise it out carefully so it didn’t catch onto the tights; this was a rough piece of card in them!



After the card was out, I decided to examine the tights. So firstly – they were inside out and you know because of the toe section; they were still sewn together so you have to cut that carefully and then fold them inside out. You will also know as the band will be inside out as well.

Once you do that, then they are good to go. I’m quite hesitant getting these on you know…



Getting Them On: so hosiery gloves (the silky kind will work better) to get these on. I would be careful over sharp anklets as these will catch for sure. It happened in the past with my other anklets where they kept just catching so I had to keep rolling down and back up.

You will notice that these won’t be symmetrical on the legs, so you can mess around with these a little.

With the toes, just make sure that the extra material (that was on the outside first) is tucked around the toes before you set them as they will irritate you during the day (once again talking from previous experience!)



On The Legs: so the joyous news is that these do fit the legs quite well. They are stretchy which is a good thing, but they hug quite nicely rather than feeling baggy and creasing at the ankles.

The denier is around 40-60 looking at these, even though they aren’t stated anywhere, which is great for that bolder look on the legs. As it’s also net, it helps to give it a little durability.

The design is so quirky; that’s one of the reasons why I wanted to review these as it’s something different. Kinda zebra looking, but I like it!

The quality … Now this is the main thing I wanted to speak about in the blog. Comparing it to the previous ones, this has turned out better than I expected them to, which is great news! They fit a lot better, they hug the legs and not fall off them and they haven’t really caught on anything all day to be honest. If you’re into hosiery like I am, quality really does matter as it’s how you present yourself and not just wear something because it looks good. This however is one that I dressed up quite dark and grunge-like, so it went well. But this isn’t a pair I would wear with a nice dress or skirt, as it would look a little tacky.



The Toes & Ankle: so as the toes are how they should be, these sit real comfortable. They have the extra material inside, but if you tuck that under your toes, you should be fine.

It had a strip going across the toes (front and back), making them reinforced which is great for those who wish to have longer nails wearing them.

They have plenty of wiggle room in them too, so you won’t need to worry about added pressure at any point during the day unless you’re tugging your tights up a lot.

Around the ankles, I mentioned before that these don’t really fall and drop down so they crinkle up, which is always great!



The Waistband: so the band on these are pretty decent. They sit really well around the waist and they don’t feel loose at all on me; I thought I might get a little gapping at the back where my spine goes in a little, but they were fine!

They are comfortable; not tight or loose and they hold up well throughout the day as well.

The band itself is quite slim and then works into the net design 🙂



My Thoughts?

Overall I think these are decent for what you get. I mentioned before I have had some bad times with a few pairs before, but these I would actually recommend if you’re into this type of style.

The quality is decent and would last a few wears as long as you look after them well, and they do look pretty great on if you’re into bold prints.

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