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Femme Luxe Clothing Review (Part 41)

It has been a little while since I’ve done a Femme Luxe review, and I am doing 2 pieces instead of 4 this time. Unfortunately I didn’t pair up with hosiery as I wanted to create a summer / loungewear look without it (for a change!)

YouTube Channel – Femme Luxe Clothing Review Part 41


Outfit 1 : Blue Off The Shoulder Knitted Loungewear Set – Alisa

Colour: Blue

Size: S/M

Website: Femme Luxe – Loungewear

My Thoughts: this is a piece where it looks better on the model that it does on me. I felt this piece looked super snug, but did not fit me well. The top was super cute, and I love the oversized look – but the bottoms let me down a lot. They were too baggy, and not something I could tighten up properly. The length was all wrong for me, leaving me wit ha baggy mess at the ankles. I will say I do like this colour a lot though!

My Rating: 6/10

Outfit 2 : Blue Distressed Ripped High Waist Denim Shorts – Jovita

Colour: Blue

Size: 6

Website: Femme Luxe – Shorts

My Thoughts: another piece that I thought looked good on the model, but didn’t do me any favours. I like the distressed look at the front, but the back was super unflattering. The size was just about right for me, but I would still need a belt if I wanted a better fit. Not a bad pair if you like this style, but not one that works for me I’m afraid.

My Rating: 7/10

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