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Femme Luxe Clothing Review (Part 33)

As we are still in lockdown (well slightly) and a lot of us are working from home, I wanted to do a mix of semi-glam and casual looks – so I get the best of both worlds being at home 🙂

I have teamed up my outfits with Fiore Lili Tights.

YouTube Channel – Femme Luxe Clothing Review Part 33

Outfit 1 : Black & White Oversized Houndstooth Sleeveless Rib Detail Mini Jumper Dress – Kristen

Colour: Black & Whit

Size: S/M

Website: Femme Luxe – Jumpers

My Thoughts: so overall not bad, however I felt it was a little too baggy. I get that it needs to fit 2 sizes, but I wish it was slightly shaped in so it didn’t look too oversized. I felt the belt helped a little, and the shirt I will need to get one that is slightly shorter for it to work the way I wanted it to. Overall not bad at all!

My Rating: 8/10

Outfit 2 : Blue Chinese Print Mesh Bodycon Midaxi Dress – Vivienne

Colour: Blue

Size: 6

Website: Femme Luxe – Dresses

My Thoughts: I am super disappointed about this dress. Not only was it slightly baggy with very little shaping, it was completely see through! I wish it came lined as it would have made it a higher rating, but hey. Otherwise, I did like the print and the style of the dress. But it’s a shame that it was slightly too big.

My Rating: 2/10

Outfit 3 : Blue Check Print Soft Touch Loose Fit High Waisted Joggers – Melody

Colour: Blue

Size: 6

Website: Femme Luxe – Joggers

My Thoughts: I cannot tell you how comfortable these joggers are. I love the fact they look like PJs, so I can just where them everywhere. They have an elasticated waistband with drawstrings inside, which is a bonus, and cuffed at the ankles so you get a good fit with some bagginess in the legs. These are the perfect size for me to move about in and I certainly don’t feel restricted at all. I love that these are fleece lined too – which instantly makes them a favourite for winter!!

My Rating: 9/10

Outfit 4 : Dark Grey Cuffed Joggers – Lizzie

Colour: Dark Grey

Size: 6

Website: Femme Luxe – Joggers

My Thoughts: now this is another favourite of mine too! I’ve always wanted a good pair of dark grey joggers – and I finally have a pair. This is a pair that you can easily pair up with heels to make it slightly dressy or with pumps/trainers to keep it casual. The fit is great, fleece lined as well and easy to move about in. They also come with an elasticated waistband with inner drawstrings and also cuffed at the ankles too.

My Rating: 9/10

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