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Femme Luxe Clothing Review (Part 11)

I have some more pieces from Femme Luxe, and this time we are doing party dresses with a duster coat included for the sake of it 🙂

Now I won’t be doing a YouTube review on these items as I thought it would be easier to do a blog with still images and close ups instead 🙂

Outfit 1 : Stone Waterfall Duster Belted Long Coat

Colour: Stone

Size: S-M

Website: Femme Luxe – Duster Coats

My Thoughts: now I do love a good duster coat (I have a few in my collection) and I thought I would try out this colour and style for a change. I normally go for smaller sizes but I didn’t have a choice with this one. I got it on and first thought it looked huge on me. I did the belt at the front at first and then didn’t really like it much, so I tied it at the back instead keeping it open at the front. I gotta say this isn’t bad, but I can see this getting dirty super easy. It has that plush teddy-bear feel to it which never works in bad weather. I do quite like it, but I wish they did this in XS-S!

My Rating: 7/10


Outfit 2 : Black PU Plunge Bodycon Midi Dress (Sarai)

Colour: Black

Size: 6

Website: Femme Luxe – Midi Dresses

My Thoughts: now this dress looked amazing on the model on the website and I had to get it to try it out for myself. All the models on there are bigger busted and well.. it’s always different when you’re smaller than them! I have to say I love the fit of the dress; it’s snug all around and you can move without feeling restricted too. I love how they have a zip at the back to help you get into the dress for a more of a fitted finish. The only downside is that the pieces covering the chest is quite open on the sides; it didn’t show that on the website but on me, I can see a fair amount of my assets on show from a side angle! Apart from that, I think this dress is great and perfect for a night out!

My Rating: 8/10


Outfit 3 : Black Slinky Ruched Split Leg Mesh Maxi Dress (Mariah)

Colour: Black

Size: 6

Website: Femme Luxe – Maxi Dresses

My Thoughts: well this dress was not what I expected at first. When it came through, I saw how see-through it was and I had to wear something underneath so it isn’t too revealing. It does some with a thin lining underneath, but it isn’t enough as it still exposes quite a bit of you. I do like these have adjustable straps and a hidden zip at the back to get you into the dress. From there, you can play around with the ruched areas. I do like that split at the side as well; it’s not too high or too low but enough to show you mean business!

My Rating: 9/10


Outfit 4 : Red Front Pleat Strapless Mini Dress (Cora)

Colour: Red

Size: 6

Website: Femme Luxe – Mini Dresses

My Thoughts: now this dress is pretty simple and sweet. I likes the design at the front with the draping and side piece – although it does look a little weird from the back with it hanging down. I did like the fit of this dress and it does hold up well on its own too, which is always a bonus. This is a dress you pull up to get it on, but that was no issue 🙂

My Rating: 9/10




One thought on “Femme Luxe Clothing Review (Part 11)

  1. All Three Dresses are sexy as Hell. Outfit 1 is my favorite one, only thing is missing is a sexy pair of pantyhose or some Stockong. Anyway, you have a hot body, you would look good in anything