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Fashion Thirsty Perspex Court Shoes

So roll on new perspex heels. I have to say I was never fond of them until I saw someone wear any outfit with tights in them and I just needed a pair to try and re-create the look. The only difference is that they wore it with plain black, and I didn’t wanna do that!

Now this won’t be the longest review as there isn’t much to talk about (apart from how they actually feel once they’re on!)

The Spec

Colour: Black Patent

Size: UK 6

Materials: Outer Material: Synthetic | Inner Material: Textile | Sole: Manmade

Price: £16.99

Website: Amazon – Fashion Thirsty Heelberry® Womens Ladies Perspex Clear Court Shoes Stiletto High Heels Kim K Pumps Size

The Review

From The Website: Heelberry® branded products are only available exclusively through Fashion Thirsty

Brand New In Box
Approx Heel Height: 5.1 Inches / 13 cm
Outer Material: Synthetic
Inner Material: Textile
Sole: Manmade
Closure: Slip-On
Heel Height: 5.1 inches
Heel Type: Stiletto Heel
Approx Platform Height: 0.4 Inches / 1 cm
Pointed Toe With Slip On Fastening
Comes In A Range Of Colours


The Packaging: I quite like the way these have been packaged up. They came in their own mesh bags to protect the patent and perspex (padded out too) arriving a small study-ish box.

As you can see below, these arrived in mint condition with no markings or scratches anywhere (I am so pleased about that) ready to get on! All I can say is I am happy these were padded out to keep the shape as I know how hard it can be to get your foot into perspex when it’s all hard and floppy! It really sucks!


Getting Them On: with tights I found them so much easier to slip into. The edges of the perspex aren’t as sharp as you might think, so you don’t need to worry about your hosiery getting snagged at the sides. I was surprised that they had smooth edges.

When I tried these with bare feet, I have to admit I couldn’t just slip my foot in without using my fingers to help move the perspex so my foot could wiggle in – I just realised that this was a weird explanation!

So here it is with tights on so you can see what they look like 🙂


On The Feet: now tights off so you can see what they look like normally! I first though my feet looked squashed in them but honestly, they actually aren’t. They are comfortable to be in (as long as your toenails aren’t long otherwise you have a problem) and my toes had enough room in them too (even though it might not seem it). They fit really nicely on the feet – I thought they would have been slightly big but I’m glad as I don’t need to find a way to pad them out now!

They are ok to walk in most of the day without them starting to hurt the balls of the feet; it’s only because I was running around like a loon most of the day.

The soles of these (under the heels I am on about now) are quite slippery so I would recommend either scratching them up a little to give them a bit of grip.



My Thoughts?

So for what you pay, these are pretty decent. It’s obvious if you go for more higher brands that they would look amazingly great, but these are just as good and if you’re not living in them 24/7 then why pay such a stupid amount is the way I see it.

I like the way they fit, they feel and how they can work with or without hosiery. It just makes them seem more playful 🙂

5 thoughts on “Fashion Thirsty Perspex Court Shoes

  1. ‘Now this won’t be the longest review as there isn’t much to talk about (apart from………’

    Sometimes Miss Soni, there’s just no talking needed 😛 😜

    They actually look pretty fab. Do prefer with tights though, I must admit.
    Love how they show up your gorgeous arches. 😍

    Yup! I’m a fan.

    Doooo use them more? Pretty please?

  2. Hi Soni,these heels are the best to look at,when wearing tights/stockings as you did,love it👌🏻👣

    Greetz Andre😘