Falke · Hosiery

Falke Mock Suspender Patterned Tights

I bought this pair off eBay beginning of last year, and have waited until now (who knows why) to finally review them for you. The worst thing is that this doesn’t have a model name for this pair so it’s super hard to search for! If you happen to know, then please do share so I can add it to the blog.

So this pair I am so looking forward to as Falke is another one of my favourite luxe brands, and I managed to get my hands on these for a bargain price!

The Spec

Colour: Black/Gold

Size: S-M

Denier: 20

Materials: Unknown

Price & Website: Unknown

My Outfit

I wanted to dress up a little for this pair, so I opted for a floral playsuit and added my studded court shoes to finish the look. I know it would look better with nude/tan tights, but I anted to do black so it would be a little more sophisticated for a night out.

My Deets

Playsuit: River Island

Tights: Falke

Heels: off Amazon


The Review

The Packaging: the front of the packaging shows the model wearing them in the colour nude with the black design. The back doesn’t go into much detail at all in terms of the pair inside.

When you get in, you will find the pair wrapped around plain card, and folded flatly.


Getting Them On: I did my little scrunch and roll and then took my time to make sure both legs line up symmetrical as possible. It was a struggle at first but I got there in the end and finished by setting the bands in place at the top.

These are fine to go over anklets as long as they aren’t sharp or can catch onto hosiery easily.



On The Legs: I am loving the design on these. It’s super unique and looks amazing if you’re wearing something short like I am to really show off the front leg design and thigh design. I have had a similar pair where it has a front tribal-like design from the ankle to low thigh, but this is a lot more elegant in comparison to those.

These are also a matte finish, however so have a slight sheen to them when the light catches it. The best part is if you catch the gold boxer brief part – that will really twinkle! With the matte finish, you get this lovely slim leg silhouette look, which I adore!

The quality of these are amazing; they have a lovely amount of stretch with even coverage on the legs and they aren’t the type to snag easily let alone rip. You still need to be careful in them, but it isn’t easy to damage them is what I’m saying 🙂

The fit of them are true to size, and I would recommend checking out the sizing guide before you purchase. There is no harm in going 1 size up if you need to, as I doubt you will get wrinkles setting around the ankles easily.

The feel of them are lovely and smooth; they aren’t a silky finish but smooth enough like  cashmere touch on the legs. These certainly don’t irritate the legs in any way from the toe seam to the boxer brief.


The Toes & Ankle: as far as I know, these don’t have reinforced toes to them, so I would advise being careful with your toe nails to make sure you don’t end up ripping them.

I had plenty of wiggle room for my toes to move in these, and around the feet I had enough stretch so they could breathe. Around the ankles, these are a lovely and smooth fitted finish.



The Waistband: is super interesting and I love it! I have never seen this on any pairs of hosiery before, and that what makes this pair super awesome!

The band itself sits around the waist and stays up well throughout the day. It has plenty of elasticity in them for a hugging fit all day long.

The reinforced brief part starts from the band and works its way down to the top of the thighs as shown in the images earlier in this post. I have to say it did irritate me slightly to begin with, so I ended up creaming and then putting my tights back on so I could last longer in them.

These also have a small palm-sized gusset in the center of the tights, so if you dare to go commando then there is no stopping you!



My Thoughts?

These are such n elegant pair that you can dress up or down, wear with party attire or for work. Either way I am so glad I found them when I did, and I would certainly recommend a pair if you can get your hands on them. I love the quality, I love the look and that matte finish is just to die for.