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FALKE Shelina 12 Denier Stay Ups

Falke – hello! I am happy to be in a pair of their holdups again as the last time I was in a pair (it was the Lunelle Peacock 8D Stay Ups), they had been so good to me and were a pleasure to be in. Now this pair I have worn the Shelina before in a nude pair of tights a few years ago, and I loved them, so I have the chance to check the out again as a pair of black holdups!

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The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: M (9.5-10 / Shoe Size 5-5.5)

Denier: 12

Materials: 50% Polyamide, 50% Polyurethane

Price: £15.49

Website: Amazon – FALKE Women Shelina Decorative Lace 12 DEN Stay Ups – Ultra-Sheer, Multiple Colours, S to L, 1 Pair – Transparent, non-slip, like make-up on your legs

My Outfit

I haven’t worn this skirt in so long, I had to dress it up! I wore my silky cami top tucked into my suede skirt. I added my strappy block heeled sandals instead of court shoes for a change.

My Deets

Cami Top: Cameo Rose

Skirt: In The Style

Holdups: Falke

Heels: JustFab




The Review

From The Website: PRODUCT INFORMATION: The ideal summer stay-ups with fine feminine decorative lace, suits every skin type. Like make-up on your skin – gives your legs a unique natural look. Silicone coating makes it absolutely non-slip. Please do not moisturise your legs. 12 den appearance.

ABOUT THE BRAND: FALKE is a family-run premium German brand, with a long experience in manufacturing modern clothing accessories designed to match the lifestyle, the personal culture and the needs of each individual. Since 1895 they have stood for fashionable clothing made from high-quality materials, finished with handcrafted perfection and an eye for detail. Through the influence of new ideas and the long experience our garments arise in extraordinary quality and contemporary design.

  • The FALKE Shelina 12 denier are ideal summer sheer stay-ups with a fine feminine decorative lace. They suit every skin type: like make-up on your skin they give your legs a unique natural look. The silicone coating makes them absolutely non-slip. Please do not moisturise your legs before wearing these stay-ups.
  • Ultra transparent stay-ups (12 denier) for a uniquely natural look
  • Perfect FALKE fit
  • Fine, feminine decorative lace
  • Material composition: 50% Polyamide, 50% Polyurethane


The Packaging: so most of the Falke packaging looks like this, especially the ‘Shelina’ range. You have the model at the front wearing them in a natural colour, along with the brand name, model name, size, colour and denier. You have a fair amount to check out, which I quite like. Flipping over, you get to read a little more about the holdups inside.

When you get in, you get even more about the brand and instructions listed on the card the holdups are wrapped around. The holdups come with foot and leg shaping to them, so you can get them on with ease. I prefer it when they have this, purely because you know front and back, and also the stitches on the welt sit on the inner part of the leg instead of outside.


Getting Them On: as you can tell from the images above and below, these are super thin and so delicate, so I advise taking your time getting them on. When you’re confident getting on thinner deniers, you don’t need to wear gloves as much (although I sometimes do if I have long nails or in a rush).

Anyways I took my time getting these up the legs using my scrunch and roll method. I made sure I stretched them over my anklets and them shimmied them up the legs. I Set mine in place high up the thigh as I had the room to do so without tugging.



On The Legs: so let me start off with the denier. One thing I adore about the ‘Shelina’ range is that they are thin, they have a barely black finish on the legs and they look amazing. Not only that, they come with an incredible shimmer to them as well. My images below don’t do it justice, but I will say it is gorgeous and looks so classy. This type of denier is perfect for those who prefer a light finish on the legs, who need it for work, who just like the way they look on the legs, or something to finish off a look with a sophisticated dress or outfit.

The quality of these are amazing; you always get that with Falke and it doesn’t let me down. There will be times where I have been careless and have ended up snagging them as a fault of my own. But I will say these are a great quality pair and something that doesn’t look cheap on the legs. I can say I looked after mine today, so no snags or rips occurred on my watch!

The fit of these are true to size; I ended up getting a larger size as I went according to the sizing chart this time. Normally I would go for a small, but I know this sits around mid thigh and it is hard to tug them further up the legs. So having a size larger allowed me to sit them higher up the legs and get even coverage over the legs without it looking lighter/darker in some areas. I would recommend checking their sizing guide before purchasing, so you’re aware of what you’re gonna be working with.

I will say there wouldn’t have been an issue with me getting a size small at all, but it was about sitting them higher up the high for me and buying a pair according to my size rather than what I would normally go for.

The feel of them are soft and super silky on the legs. They glide up and down the legs with ease, and they do not irritate at all. The packaging goes state not to cream/oil your legs before getting these on, but there is no harm in doing so as long as it’s under where the band is going to sit. I creamed my legs and stopped mid-high thigh as I wanted to band to be able to stick properly.


The Toes & Ankle: now the sad thing here is that the toes are not reinforced on this pair. I wish they were as it would have been the complete package, but instead we are working with a sandal toe so you will need to be careful of long/sharp nails in these. I had plenty of wiggle room in these, with no pressure added.

Around the feet and ankles, these were a lovely fitted finish with no wrinkles.



The Bands: I am working with some good bands here today. These babies sit so well around the thighs and look incredible with that bold design; I am working with another design instead of floral for a change!!

This band comes with double silicone bands which are located at the top and can be seen if you look up close on the image below. I love how different it looks! We also have a slimmer band too; not like the wide ones that you normally get so you get more coverage on the legs without the bands taking over.

These stick so well to the legs and do not lose their tackiness easily no matter how many times you prise them away from the legs.



My Thoughts?

A great pair overall; they are simple, they look amazing and the quality is on point. I loved the way they worked so well with my outfit, especially if you are working with lighter colours. I really do like this pair and would happily recommend.