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Falke Pure 20 Matt Holdups

I decided to do a little eBay shopping, seeing as it has been a while since I’ve bought myself a pair of hosiery and I came across a nice bargain! I thought these were simple and effective and I just had to get myself a pair – even better that they’re a matt finish too!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: 1 – Small

Denier: 20

Materials: 87% Polyamide, 13% Elastane

Price: £9.49

Website: eBay – Falke Pure Matt 20 Denier Transparent Hold Ups – Color 3009 Black Size Small


My Outfit

Now I decided to be a little different with my outfit; I did my baggy pola dot t-shirt tucked into my bodycon skirt and then added colour with my shoes. I thought it looks dead funky and a lovely little twist on an office outfit.

My Deets

T-Shirt: Pull & Bear

Skirt: H&M

Holdups: Falke

Shoes: Office



The Review

The Packaging: FalkeI notice is always very similar / the same type of pose to be honest depending on their collection. This had the model at the front wearing them and the back went into more detail about them:

“Transparent stay-up with a matt finish for impeccably elegant legs. Delicate narrow satin band. silicone coating prevents slipping. Ladder-resistant toe and soft seam.”

The holdups are wrapped around a card which actually helps you to get your hosiery on the best way possible (It’s a generic thing by the way!) and flip-side is promotional material:

1. Please gather the tights up to the toe

2. Position the top of the tights at the toe. Then you slip on the tights while stretching it evenly up to the knee. The same applies for the other leg.

3. Gently pull the tights up to the crotch. After that, please position the perfect fit of the gusset.

4. Roll the panty up to the waist and arrange it corresponding to your wear comfort. 



Getting Them On: when you fold these, you find that they are pressed to a leg shape, which means all you got to do is follow the line right down to the toes and just get them on! I love it when companies do this with their hosiery; it makes it so much easier to slip them right on rather than faffing around.

Now I did notice that the silicone bands weren’t as sticky as I normally find with other holdups; they seemed quite loose… and that is exactly what they were on me when I was rolling them up. I found the band to be absolutely huge on my thigh to the point I had to pull up higher to make sure that it actually stuck to my leg.



The Toes: now one thing I do love is the toe area! It has a slightly darker denier going across the toes (looks a little like vintage stockings) which stay put all day. I have to say my toes felt slightly cramped after a while due to all the tugging I had to do to get these to stay up on me, so I would advise to wear comfortable shoes with these. Otherwise I have to say I think this has got to be the best part of the hosiery!



The Bands: I am so disappointed with the band on these. When I first rolled them, they couldn’t sit where they were supposed to so I had to stretch them higher to make sure that the band stuck to my thighs. I have never had that problem before, and I certainly didn’t expect that from a Falke pair either. These were just massive on me; something that would fit a 14-18 woman if I am honest.


If they actually sat well on me, I would say that they look great – simple but effective enough! But all I had was them peeling away from my skin and slowly starting to roll down my legs to the point I actually had to get them off and get a pair of tights on at work because it was driving me up the wall!



On The Legs: now I mentioned I had to keep pulling them up which means that the denier is stretched more than it should be > which results in some faint lines going up and down the legs! To begin with, it’s a lovely light denier which covered the legs perfectly, but the more you have to pull up, the more you start to see these faint lines forming which then makes the hosiery look cheap.


I don’t know if many of you have experienced this before, but I have with a few where you gotta keep pulling them up and then realise that you’re just making it look worse on the legs.


On the other hand, these are super soft and super smooth, to the point my bodycon is sliding up my legs when I walk! I love the matt finish on these, which made my legs look amazeballs!

It’s just a shame that they kept slipping!



My Thoughts?

I can’t say I would be recommending these anytime soon if I am honest. I actually thought they would be decent seeing as Falke is a really good brand, but for them to turn out how they did is a bit surprising.

If the band stayed up and the quality was slightly better, I would totally be raving on about them, but they couldn’t do the bare basic job so no… just no.

3 thoughts on “Falke Pure 20 Matt Holdups

  1. Very nice. I love simple hold-ups, precisely because they are so conventional. It’s amazing how erotic a plain stocking band can be. By the way from my viewpoint, the band looked fine. Didn’t seem too big.