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Falke Patterned Tights

I would also like to say a little sorry that I haven’t been reviewing for the past few days – I have been so busy with my custom pictures and videos for clients, I just haven’t had a chance. But I am back on it again for you all with some new tights that have been added to my collection!

I bought these when I went to Bicester Village in Oxford (This is in the UK) and they have a Falke outlet store, so I just had to get myself a pair for nearly half the price! They may be old season but who cares when you get them cheaper than normal?!


My Outfit Today

I went with a full black outfit with my tights and shoes being the statement piece in it all. I wanted to go with my red boots but I felt like I needed something to go with the design on my tights, and what better shoes than my purple-blue pair that I have. I don’t even know the name of the colour for these!

I went with my casual t-shirt dress to keep it minimal at the top and leave the rest up to the bottom half of me!


So let me get cracking for you:

  • Packaging: I have to rate their packaging for sure. I love the way they actually have different poses for each pair of tights. I ended up getting these just because they were so different and reminded me of fireworks! Perfect for Autumn/Winter! They were kept in clear plastic wrapping but wasn’t individually wrapped inside. They did have a cardboard which showed different designs and colours in a range of tights (obviously their new collection they are promoting) and the tights were wrapped around it.
  • You can see that they are slightly shaped to your feet and legs so you know which way to get them on as well. To help, it does have a size label inside too! Now you know their posh when they do that!
  • I love the way they just glide on and you also feel it get slightly tighter at the bottom of your legs to the feet – that means they’re just going to cling onto you like there is no tomorrow and I LOVE IT!
  • I love how they’re actually a 20 denier – I thought they would come out a little darker than that as some patterned usually do but these just pop a hell of a lot once they’re on!
  • They’re sheer from toe to waist so short shorts and skirts will work with these.
  • They do have a smooth silky feel to them, even when you rub your hands over the design it’s so damn soft!
  • As far as I know they haven’t snagged (touch wood here!) so you know they’re pretty good quality!
  • The waistband is pretty sturdy – I have been rushing around once again at work today and I have noticed that it has fallen just slightly (not as much as some of the tights I have reviewed previously). But they do hold well overall.

Any bad points? Well I do have 1 for use:

  • No reinforced toes on this I’m afraid! I was pretty gutted to find that out – I bought them thinking that they had them. Never mind hey!


Teaming Up

So with these, they are quite easy to work with. It’s one of the subtler patterns that can pair up with a lot. I would say wear these with more of a smart-casual outfit rather than just all casual just because they do stand out and they would make a formal(ish) outfit more fun rather than plain sheers.

You still could do them with casual but it would be more of a blend in than a stand-out piece – not a bad thing but it’s all down to your personality.


Would I recommend these? Oh yes, I actually would. They’re such a good quality pair and I got them cheap so they feel even nicer! It’s like free food – always tastes better!


My deets for today:
Bodycon T-Shirt Dress – BooHoo Outlet

Tights – Falke Outlet Store

Shoes – Schuh


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