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Falke Fashion Tights

I cannot believe that these do not have a name! I have searched everywhere on the packaging to find out what these are called… And nothing! So I have to pin it down as fashion tights!!! *Not impressed!*

We’re blacking out a bit now I gotta say. The cold days are coming round quick here; it’s like we did Summer right into Winter!

These are some babies that I got gifted by J from Belgium – they have sent me so many that I need to review, so I will be cracking on!

 The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: Medium

Materials: 88% Polyamide, 11% Elastane, 1% Cotton

Denier: 40

Price & Website: Unknown


My Outfit

I am dressing a little warmer as the office is just freezing and even unlimited tea won’t help me here!

Wore my white fluffy jumper tucked into my burgundy (fake) leather skirt and just added my black boots with it as I wasn’t feeling my court shoes (trying to keep my feet warm!)

I left my hair down and just added some subtle statement earrings just to finish off the look.

My Deets

Jumper: H&M

Skirt: New Look

Tights: Falke

Boots: Forever21




The Review

The Packaging: is a different look I have to say to what I normally see Falke do. I’m not too sure if this is an old range, but even so, it’s nice to see them switch it up.

The front is quite dark, but makes the legs of the model look so gorgeous and sultry. The back gives you all the details you need to know about; sizing, materials, production etc.




Getting Them On: now I decided to not tug them so much up my legs as these are a size medium (which is slightly longer on me), so I ended up lightly pulling these on my legs, which makes them seem so much darker compared to if they were small and were pulled more.

Once again I would use the scrunch and roll method, just to make sure especially if you wear anklets like I do.



On The Legs: these do seem dark, but when you’re close up, you see the pattern just peering through. These do feel ok, not gonna say that they’re great as they feel slightly grainy. I am a little surprised by that as I thought if it wasn’t being pulled so much, it would feel smoother, but it’s gone the opposite way.

The denier is great, it’s nice and dark which means any little problems you don’t want people to see are well and truly hidden under this.

One thing I do like is that these haven’t fallen down my legs and wrinkled at the ankles. I seriously hate it when hosiery does this; it just ruins the whole look!

The pattern is gorgeous and very subtle indeed, with a slightly sheerness to it (but not much as you would think!)



The Toes: even though they’re pretty dark, nail varnish still peers through. What I do like is that you have a lot of toe room. I’m not saying it’s baggy, but enough to wiggle!! I doubt these are reinforced as there was no little signs but I would just advise to be careful with longer nails.



The Waistband: I actually like and guess what? There’s a little hidden gem on them too; right where the pattern and gusset band split, there is a small design at the side of your thigh, which makes you actually want to flaunty the top half off. I normally keep that separation hidden as it can look a bit blah, but this time I just want the world to see it!


The band itself Is very comfortable; not too sure if that’s it being medium or generally, but it’s felt so light on my stomach and hasn’t dug in once.



My Thoughts?

I really like these! I think they’re lovely! I actually am glad I did it in a medium for a change rather than a small, so people know what it’s like in another size.

I love the design and it’s perfect for those who can’t wear the funkiest tights to work, so it’s a win win all round!


5 thoughts on “Falke Fashion Tights

  1. Looked for these even typed in Falke collant tights style 3009 off package no luck but are nice looking would love a pair. Have a huge selection of hosiery but never have enough.

      1. Seen that added that to must be a discontinued style had that happen to me before on tights would love having.