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Falke Delicate

So I apologise  for getting this up late – was so busy doing custom videos and sets last night after work, I lost track of time!

But I finally have slowed down at work so I can get this review done for you all:

The packaging was lovely to these Falke tights – and to be fair they normally are – they show the design on the front which always looks so appealing and just basic info at the back.

They showed the colour of the tights (which is Powder) at the top and a nice sized peephole at the back with the design. Now I have to say it does look quite dark and a deep tan colour, but once they are on, I could hardly tell the difference!

Now as far as I can tell, they didn’t seem to look like they had reinforced toes on them, but then again it could be invisible and not stated on the packaging.

I love how the design works right from the toes, from under the foot leading to the side of the legs. They even do look like tattoo tights, as one of my colleagues said she thought I had a side piece done on my leg when it was actually the design of them. Talk about colour-matching with the skin! They work their way up right to the top of the band, which you will see in one of the pictures below where I show what the waistband is like and the design of it at the top.

They were so easy to glide on and especially over the anklets, where I thought I was gonna catch them and they were easy to line up at the side of the legs too. You may need to pinch and pull a little if you want it further back or forward, but I like that they didn’t match up and just did their own thing.

They were so lovely and soft, and being a 20 denier as well, you have some more support with them. Even the top of them on the waistline actually left like smooth underwear. They felt so luxurious!!!

I like the fact that they did not move at all yesterday and I was rushing around a hell of a lot at work wearing a bodycon dress and not once did they move out of place. They stayed up and intact the whole day!


So would I recommend? Yep I certainly would. These are a lovely simple yet effective pair that can be teamed up with a lot to make your outfit look a lot more feminine.


My Outfit

I went with my blue bodycon dress, grey booties and my white sleeveless jacket. I do really like this colour combo and have done it a few times before – it’s only because I know that it works with a simple pattern like these Falke and makes them stand out like they should rather than blending in.

I would have done a black dress to begin with, but then that’s just your normal ‘safe’ mode, and I wanted to show them off more!


My Deets:

Bodycon Dress – AX Paris

White Jacket – Dorothy Perkins

Booties – Marks & Spencers



2 thoughts on “Falke Delicate

  1. Sooo sooo love the tan tights! These, as well as you, are fabulous! The skin tone, markings, everything is just exquisite! Pls more tan tights! Thank you, and keep up the great work!