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Falke Black / Gold Patterned Tights

I know some may say it’s a little late to be rocking these, but you know what? You should be able to wear statement tights all year round, rather than saving it for Christmas or New Years!

I got these from eBay last year and I wish I got them out sooner to be honest; they are such a funky pair which you can dress up or down. I am making more of an effort to put my purchases into the mix more rather than doing collabs all the while as I get some real good bargains that I wanna share whilst I still can before they completely get rid of them!

The Spec

Colour: Black / Gold

Size: S/M

Denier: 30 appearance

Materials: 74% polyamide, 20% polyester, 6% elastane

Price: £28.00


My Outfit

I know I went dull and put it with black (common yes I know) but it did for work and the skirts I wanted to pair with it were too short for work so I couldn’t and had to rock the next best thing.

I wore my PU skater dress with my mesh peep toe boots and then had my hair up in a messy-type bun. I added small gold hoops to finish off the look.

My Deets

Dress: New Look

Tights: Falke

Shoes: Simmi Shoes

Earrings: Dorothy Perkins


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The Review

The Packaging: you cannot miss it. Bright red and glitzy – perfect for grabbing your attention! The front is filled with the model wearing the hosiery and the back as a window along with the sizing guide. They don’t give you info about the tights anywhere apart from the sizing guide and the materials.



Getting inside I found these with the cardboard laying out of the packaging. The tights were just folded and put into the plastic wallet – which tells me that these aren’t exactly brand new when I got them!



Getting Them On: so luckily these have a label at the back of them so you know front from back. these are also horizontally folded so all you need to do is scrunch and roll and boom – they are ready to slip right on without faffing around. I have hesitations with these; I don’t want them to end up being itchy on the legs so I did roll up with caution!


Also be mindful of anklets as you don’t want them catching on this material!


On The Legs: so these so hug quite nicely but I have to admit these feel slightly loose on me; there is a lot of crinkling under the knee and around the ankles too, which tells me this is more for those who wear mediums.


I have to say that these aren’t as sheer as they are on the model; they’re pretty dark on the bottom and (as my thighs are a little chunky) it stretches more at the top, where it becomes sheerer.


You can keep adjusting throughout the day to make then even-ish but they do droop down on me a little so maybe if I went for a size smaller (XS-S) it would fit better.



The Toes: have that gorgeous gold glitter shine all over them too, which means you need to get the sandals out for these! I did my peep toe boots which gave a glimpse!

There is plenty of wiggle room in them and the seams stay put against the toes too and don’t wiggle around throughout the day either. One pointer is that these are quite sheer when you manage to make them sit right on the legs. I had to pull up a few times so there wasn’t too much material gathering around here, and it look so pretty!

No extra material around the toes either which is always great; nice and flush against the toes!



The Waistband: not the greatest waistband but it does. I find them slipping a little (and this is wearing cotton underwear underneath). The band isn’t that tight to begin with, which means I wasn’t gonna expect a great fit to begin with.


The gusset is an unusual one too; I haven’t come across a design like this before.



The Design: I love damask prints and the fact this is paired with a gold shimmer is just wonderful. It creates a rich look on the legs compared to silver (that’s if it was!) and great to dress up or down as well. the print starts right from the toes up to the waistband so short dresses and skirts can be worn with ease.


One thing I did hesitate about was the ‘itching’ and there is no sign of that at all; they are smooth on the legs and not as rough as you think they would be. The finish on them are great!



The Contrast: during the day when it’s natural light, these don’t shimmer as hard as they do when the flash hits it.



My Thoughts?

I think these look great but I wish they fit properly so I can see them in full effect rather than having them sitting baggy on my legs. I love the whole design and the look of them; perfect for winter but also great to wear throughout the seasons to create a statement look.


The quality of them are great; they don’t snag easily as I thought they would. Falke are good like that I have to admit.

Overall I think these are gorgeous and I would certainly wear them again with a casual outfit, but I need to somehow get these sitting properly on me next time.


8 thoughts on “Falke Black / Gold Patterned Tights

  1. These tights are a must have for me. I would just love to wear these they are astonishing I will be getting a pair of these to wear am in love with the look. TY so much for this review they look very hot on your legs and your outfit looks great think I would wear a all lace black bodysuit with my glossy black mini skirt for a photo fashion look and know would look great on mine.

  2. Have did a search high and low over the internet have yet to find these. Just typed in Falke Black / Gold Patterned Tights nothing yet not sure what the style type is if it says on the package let me know would love a pair. They may be discontinued hope not fell in love with these ever since I read your blog.

  3. I am sorry these weren’t perfect on you. Falke are my all time faves because they are such a good fit for me and the quality is always very, very good – they last forever! Thanks for all your reviews – I don’t think I have commented before but I adore tights and stockings (and have a collection that is far too big!) and some of your reviews have been really helpful for me. Happy New Year. Kx