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Essex Glam PomPom Sandals

Can it be glorious sunshine forever and ever now so I can wear these out as much as possible? I actually don’t know that many white pairs of heels (or any type of footwear for that matter) so it’s nice to add another pair to my collection!

Once again these were a gorgeous little gift from an amazeballs follower!

The Spec

Colour: White

Size: UK 6

Materials: Outer Material: Synthetic Leather, Inner Material: Textile, Sole: Synthetic

Price: £9.99

Website: Amazon – ESSEX GLAM Womens Lace Up Strappy High Heel Sandals Ladies Pompom Peep Toe Stiletto Party Evening Clubbing Shoes

The Review

From The Website: Essex Glam – Women’s Pom Poms Lace Up Stiletto Sandals

– High Quality Materials

– Lace Around Leg Tie Strap

– Beautiful Pom Poms Details

– 4.25 Inches / 11 CM Heel Height

– 0.2 Inches / 0.5 CM Platform Height

– Ideal for Holiday, Wedding, Bridal, Prom, Cruise, Casual Smart & More

– All measurements are approx. based on a UK size 4 / EU size 37. Please note that measurements above may vary by size.

– Outer Material: Synthetic Leather

– Inner Material: Textile

– Sole: Synthetic

– Closure: Laces

– Heel Height: 4.25 inches


The Packaging: I have gotten items from this company before, so I know they are pretty decent when it comes to footwear. It’s nothing super glam, but they do have some good quality footwear.

So the shoes come in a cute mint box, with each shoe wrapped individually and padded out under the front strap so it holds its shape.

Every other image is pretty self-explanatory…


Getting Them On: so after you unwrap the ankle ties, you slip your feet right into these and tie away. I only did a few around the ankle as I wanted to bow these at the back rather than just knot them. You can choose whether you want to keep the pom poms at the back or the front.

A great little thing I noticed with these; if the curved heel part is too loose, you can actually move the hoops up or down and then tie around the ankles. I had to tighten them slightly as I found it too loose to be begin with.


On The Feet: these are so comfortable, and you can be in these all day long if you wanted. The heel height isn’t as bad as some that I have reviewed before, but it’s not a pair that will make your feet sore or swollen after being in them for hours.

The front foot strap is super comfortable and doesn’t rub again the feet at all. there was no added pressure here either.

Around the heel of the foot, that curved strap sat in the same place all day and didn’t cause me any issues either.

Around the ankles, I did find that the straps do start to fall down after a while. They start off nice and fitted on the legs, but as you move it does start to wriggle down so you do have to stop and re-tie them a few times. It’s no big deal, but as I don’t want to create little muffin tops I don’t tie them too tight on the legs.



My Thoughts?

These have got to be the cutest I own so far. I have some fur ones, but never had ones with pom poms on before, and for summer these would be ideal to pair with skirts and dresses! I would certainly still be rocking them with hosiery; either sandal toe or the toe thong tights you can get 🙂

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