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Essex Glam Nude Platform Shoes

Well look what we have here – inches and inches of gorgeousness! 6.2 to be precise *wink*

Thank you to my follower who gifted me these – they are lovely and so damn high! Even better for shorties like me who wanna look taller than they actually are!

As soon as I saw these on Amazon, I had to pop them on my wishlist – they were the highest pair I had come across (with platform) and they are the type that go with anything and everything: The general stiletto sandal with height!


My Outfit

So you can’t really tell much, but I wore a bodycon blurple (bluey purple) midi dress with these to make it a going-out-into-town outfit!

The top of the dress is spaghetti-strapped and has a deep V-neck and just a straight cut all the way down just past the knees. I thought nude shoes would just complete the look with gold jewellery and a big gold clutch bag – hair up too!

My Deets:
Bodycon Dress – Miss Selfridge

Shoes – Essex Glam via Amazon


The Review

So packaging – always important when it comes to shoes. I like a box to be intact when they come through the door – not squished half to death wondering if the shoes have been damaged inside. However, these were spot on! The box wasn’t damaged and the shoes were wrapped individually inside! They each had their own little pouch along with it being padded inside to keep the shape of the shoes.

Each buckle was individually wrapped to stop any scratches in transit too!

First thing I look for is HEEL CAPS – and these came with some! Woop! They are a must with shoes – I hate it when companies don’t send them and expect you to go out and get your own!

So getting the shoes on are easy to slip on and off – I managed to do it without the use of hands too *wink and smile*

I love the buckle on these – they are so funky! Normally that strand you feed through always starts to curl up at the ends and make the shoes look naff, but you aren’t gonna get that with these! It also makes it easier to feed through too!

I love the way these look on – yep they’re massive but with a bodycon dress, they don’t look bad at all. It all does depend on how you dress them (with shorts it is a big NO NO!)

I do have to say that the ankle strap was pretty big on me – I tied it on the tightest but it does tend to move from the lower ankle and then sit on the bone. I had to keep messing with it from time to time to make it sit where I wanted. I suppose you could also get more holes put in if you have really skinny ankles!

So let me talk about the heel height as that is what most of you are after: the heel height is 16.8cm (6.1 inches) with the platform being 4.8cm (1.9 inches), so your feet are supported in these and it doesn’t feel like you’re walking on the balls of your feet.

They are faux suede which do look really nice – wouldn’t have gone for leather or PU in these as it would have just look wrong and especially with such a big heel, you want it to still look classy and not on the verge of slutty.


So would I recommend? Oh yep! I really would – they are a nice pair to have although they may take up a lot of room in your shoe space (I had to leave it in the box!) just remember that it needs to compliment your outfit and not turn it into something on the vulgar side.


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