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ERIMAKEN 5D Shiny Seamless Tights

Hello new brand! So this pair was kindly gifted via my Amazon Wishlist, and of course I love a little shine. These looked amazing when I saw them, and of course now I have them I gotta review these babies!

The Spec

Colour: Brown

Size: One Size

Denier: 5

Materials: Nylon & Elastane

Price: £12.98

Website: Amazon – HTRUIYATY 5D Shiny Tights Control Top Seamless Pantyhose Non Slip Stocking For Women

My Outfit

I know we are heading into Winter soon but I couldn’t resist this pairing! I added a chunky cardigan on top, but left it in the car when I did this shoot. I paired my green tea dress with white court shoes.

My Deets

Dress: Gifted via Amazon


Heels: Fashion Thirsty

The Review

From The Website: Just like the skin on the body, it fits tightly to the skin and covers small blemishes on the legs. The sparkly tights with slight perspective has beautiful shiny lines, adding graceful curves.

  • ✨Seamless/Crotchless Tights – Double-line crotch to lift the hips, smooth and delicate, and perfectly cover small flaws in the legs. delicate, and perfectly cover small flaws in the legs.
  • ✨Control Top Tights – High Waist Belt like silky flowing water silk pantyhose,no tightness and elasticity, not easy to deform, not easy to slip off
  • Elastane
  • Hand Wash Only
  • Sheer
  • ✨Transparent Footed Pantyhose- Slight perspective appearance, no extra seams, can be comfortably matched with any shoe.
  • ✨Non-seasonal Stockings – 5D thickness is suitable for all seasons, and it will not be thick when matched with skirts and shorts.
  • ✨Super Gloss – Oily Pantyhose high density nylon,at any time, the gloss will be obvious, to shape of the legs.

The Packaging

Getting Them On: I did my scrunch and roll, and glided these right up. They are really soft and so sooth, so they glide right on within seconds. I didn’t have any issues with my anklets, as went right over them with no issues. I didn’t have to tug or pull at them either!

On The Legs: so of course, I have to do a natural light vs flash in some parts below so you can see the difference in lighting. I do love this colour; it’s a semi-tan shade but in a thicker denier. I can’t class it as brown or nude as they are different colours than what I have on here. It works well with my skin colour, so no complaints.

The quality of these – a little let down. These don’t snag or rip easily which is great, but honestly I had a lot of markings and imperfections dotted around this par. There were ‘scratch’ markings and rings around the legs – which I did not appreciate as they are quite visible when you look up close.

So these state they are 5 denier – they aren’t. These are more like 20 to 30 denier to be honest, and this is due to how thick they feel and how thick they look on the legs. 5 denier pairs are a lot more sheerer in shade, and are very delicate.

The fit of these are good, and fit me well. I know one size pairs aren’t meant for all, but these were fine for me. I had plenty of stretch in these, and there was no gapping or wrinkling to be found around the legs.

The feel of them are so glossy; they are so soft, they are so smooth ad they feel like a dream – basically what you expect from a shiny glossy pair.

The Toes & Ankle: these look like they have reinforcement to them, but they actually don’t. I had enough stretch to them so my feet could breathe and not have any pressure added to them. They fit the feet well, and there was no bagginess.

Around the feet and ankles, there is no wrinkling whatsoever.

The Waistband & Gusset: so these come with a huge waistband, which actually sits way up the stomach and more under my bust. I don’t like it to be honest, as there is nothing that holds it up this high, so they automatically start rolling down the body and scrunch up into this roll of elastic around the waist.

These have a great amount of elasticity to them, and it is comfortable when they don’t fall right down.

These have a double seam to them at the back, which once again makes it super uncomfortable at first. It doesn’t get any easier for me during the day, but never mind.

My Thoughts?

A great shine, but the rest of it kinda let me down. They are a great short-term pair but not one that I found comfortable to be in all day.

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