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Emilio Cavallini Side Rose Tights

So after a little snippet of my outfit that I posted last night, here we have what I call the ‘Safari’.

I have no idea how I even thought of this until I saw that I hadn’t worn my khaki shirt in a while and my long brown boots, so I needed to somehow pair these up with something.

And poof! Out came Emilio’s. I have so many more that I need to review so I thought let’s finish off his collection and then get started on the rest (they’re beginning to gather dust on the packets)!

At first I was going to do nude sheer tights but then I thought actually black sheers would work a lot nicer and not make it look so causal at work either.

  • Once again I can’t complain about the packaging on these – sealed tight and wrapped so nicely. One thing I did love about these is that they were already shaped to your leg so no need to faff around.
  • They are so soft and went over my anklets ok. I only had a problem when I was taking them off, but otherwise I love this material!!
  • Easy to roll on and off and the side design doesn’t actually move out of place. No little tweaks are needed to put it back in place either. BONUS!
  • They have the reinforced toes too – not invisible but as they’re 30 deniers you can’t really tell as much as a light denier.
  • They have the cut-off point at the top, but then again it sits a lot higher than most Emilio’s. The waistband is also strong and sits just under the tummy, unless you pull them up a little more.
  • These are very versatile and simple enough to put with strong prints too.


Now I have to say I was a little annoyed with these – THEY SNAGGED! Firstly, they got caught on my anklets when I was taking them off on the lace rose bit and then pulled it so it has a small ring around the tights now! Secondly, when getting my boots on, they kept catching! Oh my god I ended up with a good few all around my leg!

So don’t be like me on this Thursday morning all clumsy because your tights will pay for this!


Teaming Up:

So as I always tend to wear my tights to work, you know my main is going to be smart casual whether it be with boots or heels.

  • These are very versatile with it being such a simple elegant design, so teaming up would be a lot easier than some prints of Emilio’s (unless you’re that experimental type or don’t care what you throw on!)
  • I would say dresses with these are a must along with skirts (these can be skater for casual, A-Line for smart/casual or bodycons for a smarter look). It all depends on the style of the dress or skirt that you wear that you would then need to think carefully about your footwear.
  • Heels would certainly go, however I could see myself wearing converses as well as my Timberlands with these too with an oversized t-shirt or long jumper.


My deets for today:

Khaki Shirt – Zara

Bodycon Skirt – New Look

Tights – via Emilio Cavallini online

Knee-High Boots – JustFab online


6 thoughts on “Emilio Cavallini Side Rose Tights

  1. I do like the look of legs in boots when tights are worn and you can see the knees Thanks for sharing your choice of tightss