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Emilio Cavallini Sensual Lace Tights

Well I finally got round to my Emilio’s after a busy few months of reviewing gifted tights and shoes!

I found these on a person’s Instagram page that someone has mentioned me in and I just had to ask where she got them from – I thought they were absolutely stunning.

Little did I know that they were totally different to what I expected – but in a good way! They have a darker denier at the front teamed up with the lace design working into a lighter denier at the back. I was amazed when I took these out the packet!

Talk about being blown away!

Anyway anyway.. I want to get started on this because I’m too psyched:

  • You can never complain with his packaging – always done so pristinely and always wrapped around the cardboard.
  • I love the way they are always shaped to your leg – so you know exactly what way they need to go on.
  • They’re easily to glide on and you won’t have a problem trying to line these up at the side of your leg. I found it really easy to do and little messing around.
  • They have a cut-off point at the top which you may see in one of the pictures below. Not a bad thing I suppose, but it would have been nice to carry the design all the way through so shorter skirts and dresses can be worn. On the other hand, it does give that little cheeky look when your skirt/dress rides up (if you’re that kind of tease)
  • I like how the waist band hugs – I have to admit it does fall down a tad but then again this is where you underwear matters. Wearing ones that it could cling onto can cause it to fall slightly. But if you wear ones that it just slides across, I don’t think you will have a problem.
  • The design is just so gorgeous. One thing I do love about his tights is that they are always so elegant and classy, it really does make you feel confident and proud to be a woman. His patterns aren’t what you would see on a daily basis… and I love that!!
  • They do have a reinforced toe which you can feel when you get them on – never a bad thing when it comes to a mix of deniers like these.
  • By the way I forgot to mention – the front is 60 denier and the back looks around 20 denier. Beautiful contrast going on there.


Teaming up:-

Now… to keep this classy as they are meant to be, I would team with knee high skirts and dresses. You can never go wrong with a classy and sophisticated look.

If you wanted to wear these going out with friends, I would recommend shorts but the frilly girly type that you get with a lovely loose cami top and shoes. Perfect!

I went on a smart casual vibe being at the office on a Monday, so t-shirt and a skirt with an oversized cardi you can’t go wrong. Simple tones but enough to make your legs the statement piece.

One word of advice – STAY AWAY FROM BLUE DENIM IN THESE! As much as they would go, one way to ruin these tights is to pair up with denim. Black denim you could potentially do, but in my opinion, blue is something you should definitely NOT consider! However, that is only my opinion 🙂


My deets for today:

T-Shirt – H&M

Bodycon Skirt – New Look

Tights – via Emilio Cavallini’s website

Boots – Marks & Spencers

Oversized Cardigan – Miss Selfridge


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