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Emilio Cavallini Rose Lace Tights

Well I took a risk this morning and by the compliments today, I’m glad I did.

People who have followed me for a while know that I don’t really do coloured – always blacks and nudes that I prefer. However, when I went on a shopping spree online I decided to opt for different colours to experiment.

Now last night I put together an outfit – my black long t-shirt dress with these tights and black boots. But then I suddenly thought about my long grey maxi skirt I had sitting upstairs. I was seriously unsure whether I should pair up grey and grey together, so my sister stepped in and reassured.

I can honestly say I was bricking it with this outfit – it’s so out of my comfort zone!

“I think it worked pretty well!”

  • Packaged very well – easy to open and wrapped around the cardboard. They weren’t shaped to your foot this time but it’s only because they can be worn either way really.
  • Reinforced toes – they aren’t invisible but that’s not a bad thing. I think it actually adds to the design quite nicely if I’m honest.
  • I love how soft and smooth they are going up the legs – they don’t catch anklets easy either.
  • The design of them are beautiful – the smooth fine net design amongst the roses sure make them stand out. You can’t notice the net from far but they do look gorgeous.
  • It has that cut off point on them and the waist band does go a lot higher than most. They sat on my stomach rather than on my waist. Some can see this as a good thing or a bad thing, but I’m sure you can roll them down like I did.
  • I have to say they do make your legs look slightly slimmer too. Most people won’t agree with grey (I know a lot of my friends don’t really like grey tights regardless of the shade they are) but these do make your legs looks really good!!

The only bad point I picked up on is that they can snag easy. I had a near miss when I was getting out the car and nearly caught my heel on my tights. But as they are a fine net, just be careful.

The best thing about this outfit is that this morning walking into work, it was a tad windy but it was on my side for sure. Every step I took the wind blew my skirt away from the legs and revealed the design right to the top. It seriously felt like I was cat-walking this morning… AND I LOVED IT!


Teaming up:

I would team these with dresses for sure. I would also do it with skirts, but I would need to try it on with a few. Bodycons and skater skirts would work well with darker colours maybe for the office or an evening out.

For the daytime – whites! Stick to the whites to bring the design out. A darker coloured top if you wish with a white skirt and either shoes or converses would look great too.

If you are the type to layer, then do under jeans with heels. I will be trying that soon for a follower!


My deets of today:

Satin Shirt – H&M

Maxi Skirt – off eBay

Tights – from Emilio Cavallini online

Boots – Forever21


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