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Emilio Cavallini Oriental Lace Tights

Hello Emilio! It’s been some time since we last met, and this week I am back in them for you all. I am doing a mix of the new AW17 collection as well as the timeless pieces, so this should be fun! I have got some amazing statement designs to work through, and today is the first out of the bunch!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: S/M

Materials: 85% polyamide, 15% elastane

Denier: 80

Price: £21.00

Website: Emilio Cavallini – Oriental Lace Tights


My Outfit

I decided to dress it a little different to what I would normally do. I went with my off-the-shoulder stripey top paired with my plain pinafore dress and added my mid heel bow shoes.

I added small silver studs and left my hair down to keep it casual.

My Deets

Top: H&M

Pinafore: off eBay

Tights: Emilio Cavallini

Shoes: gifted via Amazon



The Review

From The Website: Wrap your legs in a gorgeous and elaborate design with these oriental lace tights by Emilio Cavallini. Definitely one of the highlights of this season’s collection, these magnificent tights bring together the craftsmanship of haute couture with the stunning visual effect given by the Damask-style openwork design.

Style: 9277.1.2

Openwork tights
Matte finish
Sheer to waist brief
Reinforced toe
80 Denier

85% polyamide-nylon
15% elastane-spandex

Made in Italy


The Packaging: the front shows the model wearing the hosiery (no model name or anything). The back gives you a little info about the hosiery along with a little window so you can see the hosiery along with the denier as well! What I like about it is that it’s simple and straight to the point, which is perfect for those who aren’t into hosiery and just getting into it.



Getting Inside: these came neatly wrapped around cardboard (thank goodness!) and pretty easy to get into. As these have no labels or tags to state front or back, you can get them on either day. What I tend to do is look where the band is stitched together and I normally put that at the back.



On The Legs: they hug so well! As soon as I started rolling them on, I found that I didn’t have to pull them up so much and just let go slightly after each crinkle. Once I did, they instantly cling on and stay put for the whole day. I have not had to readjust the design all day.


The net is a soft knit, which does feel lovely against your skin and the nice thing about this is that it doesn’t matter if you have stubbly or slight hairy legs as the design is so bold, the hairs wouldn’t be noticeable at all. I have a few coming back as my next laser is due in a few months, but with these, I could hardly see the hairs on my legs.


One thing I do need to mention is how well they cling onto the bendy part; around ankles, under the knees. Sometimes thicker deniers don’t have fully to the legs in these areas and stay quite baggy, but these mould in so there is no extra nylon part coming away from your legs at any point!



The Toes: are reinforced which I am glad about. Due to the netting, the toes have that thicker denier strip going across and then the net design begins. There is plenty of wiggle room and if pulled up the legs too much, your toes don’t really feel the pressure either. The design covers the front and back of the feet, which I love, so it doesn’t matter which way you get them on.


The Waistband: I am not impressed to be honest. Normally I never have a problem with their brand (like ever!) but I found the band to be big on me; and the fact that there was an extra bit sticking out at the back instead of sitting flat on me.

Otherwise the band isn’t too bad, it goes stay up but then again the denier is thick and fitted on the legs, so it wouldn’t easily fall down and that’s what keeps the band from falling down.

I suppose the type of underwear you pair with this would also make a difference; cottons etc. would help support it at the top but silks and satins would make the hosiery slightly slip down.



The Denier & Design: is just out there. I have transformed a pair of average legs into this piece of art and I love it! It’s an unusual design which is symmetrical to a certain extent), so if you want to line up like I did or leave it all twisted and funky, it works either way!


The design works itself from the toes right to the band, so short shorts and skirts can be worn without any cut-off lines showing!


The denier is a nice thick one, and to be honest you could rock only these in winter without layering as these did keep me warm (regardless of all the holes in them!). I mentioned before it’s a lovely soft knit which does your legs favours I think. It minimises all your bad areas; any flabby bits, horrible calves, veins popping out, uneven skin tones etc. You can actually walk and feel confident in these, because I sure did!



My Thoughts?

I love these… and that design is to die for! The only downside is that the band is a baggy one, which would show through bodycon dresses and skirts (good job I wasn’t in on for this review!)

The denier is great and perfect for winter as well, and I would recommend layering it up to make it pop even more!

The quality is always great with EC’s hosiery, so I don’t have any issues there!


3 thoughts on “Emilio Cavallini Oriental Lace Tights

  1. Another great review enjoy reading them. These tights not only look great but very classy and fashionable and if you want could always layer them with colored tights. Now when it comes to front or back myself I do the same as you I look where the band is stitched together also. If boarded easy to tell front from back first is to check the shape of the foot. If that’s not clear, look to see if there’s a long seam that sticks out higher in the back of the waistband, which indicates that it’s the back or look at the gusset wider end usually is worn in the front. Keep up the reviews love them omg I read to much about hosiery lol but I believe if your going to wear regularly know all you can.