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Emilio Cavallini Arabesque

I’m loving my outfit today… After having changed it from a blue tunic top! Well done Soni!! 😁

So I’ve got three down and one more left to go from the collection and this had to be one of my favourites. I saw these last year on his website but they only had it in nude and I was pretty bummed out. But when I was searching through again not long ago, there they were and I just had to get them!! I couldn’t miss out in this after a year of waiting to find them in black xs again!

I do love the print of these – they’re just so different. They’re not a heavy stand out print as most of my tights but they are definitely effective, especially when dressed right. I have to say I wouldn’t do these with a short dress, shorts or skirt – I tried it with my blue tunic which was pretty short and it took away the classy-ness of them so I switched it to a longer dress and boots and it just changed the whole image of them. It’s weird how some items of clothing do that!

Another thing I like about these is that they’re 30 denier – not too light and not too dark either with reinforced toes (these are just plain at the toes). They’re also really soft and so smooth to roll on and off as well. I didn’t have a problem with anklets or anything putting them on. They don’t easily snag either… I had some near misses but to be honest, with the type of design they have on them, a snag wouldn’t really stand out as much as plain sheer deniers. But with certain types of clothing (the ones that rub from the inside) you may need just watch out for that. I had that with another dress I was going to wear and I saw that it was just about to get caught on the zip at the bottom.

Teaming up:-

These tights I would say are more of your smart going-out type than casual just because of the design of them. With a pair of shoes or boots, they would look fantastic whereas it wouldn’t have the same effect with trainers. I mean you can give it a go and actually surprised yourself, but I would rather keep them looking sassy.

So my deets for today:

Necklace – Marks & Spencer

Lipstick – Elizabeth Arden

Bodycon dress – Boo Hoo Outlet via eBay

Kimono – H&M

Tights – Emilio Cavallini online

Boots – New Look


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