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Elly Carezza Resille 70 Pantyhose

I’m hitting you all up with another pair from Elegant Up! I’m trialling out so many new brands and I am loving it! Even though I love my makes that I know and trust, but it’s nice to branch out now and again to test out some makes that no-one really goes for… They might be scared, but that’s what us reviewers are here for! We do the hard work for you!

About Elly

“The Elly production plant was first founded in spring 1963.
The production was high-quality women stockings: pantyhoses were not on fashion yet.
Founder is Mr. Ubaldo Elli, that immediately thinks about transforming his name into a company logo and a product name, changing the final letter “i” into “y”: the first of a long list of right intuitions.” – taken from the website

The Spec

Colour: Visone

Size: 2 / Small

Materials: 78% Polyamid, 22% Elastane

Denier: 70

Price: $16.00

Website: Elly Carezza Resille 70 Pantyhose


My Outfit

Not going to lie to you here, there is a reason why I went for a full maxi dress with these. Not trying to give too much away, but the colour did not do it for me and well… I was trying to hide my damn legs!

I added (once again!) my chunky heels – it just looked right with the dress!

My Deets

Dress: off eBay

Tights: Elly via Elegant Up

Shoes: New Look



The Review

From The Website: CR3124 / RESILLE / 70 Den
Semi-opaque 70 Denier, Lycra support pantyhose, that offer Fashion design with the healthy action of graduated compression! Very elegant, fishnet pattern with an elegant design. Reinforces toe and heel, medium graduated compression (mmHg 13-17). Comfortable to wear and attractive, the graduated compression provides an active massage all day long and facilitates healthy blood circulation, with cotton gusset.
-78% Polyamid
-22% Elastane
-Made in Italy


The Packaging: ok erm so I don’t know what to think of it really. It’s not that alluring and doesn’t really scream out to me like “Try me on! Try me on!” It looks like it’s targeting slightly older women – not saying this in a bad way!!!

The model wears them on the front, and then the back goes into more detail about the hosiery. These came with the backing already coming away, so wasn’t a good start to be honest. Anyways, so here’s the lowdown for you:

“Resille 70 Tights Medium Compression (mmHg. 13/17)”

“The elegance of the design, comfortable to wear and attractive, combines with the graduated compression which, decreasing progressively from the ankle to the thigh, provides an active massage and facilitates circulation, for legs that are more relaxed and dynamic throughout the day.”



Inside you will find them lying against a card which states the following in various languages. There is damn loads to read about here:

“The – made in Italy – collection of elegant, supporting, relaxing, massaging, regenerating knee-highs, stockings and tights. Carezza will help you take care of the well-being of your legs and keep them beautiful with a wide range of products suitable for all events and every occasion. Like the Graduated Compression line, characterized by the simulating massage, whose consistent use helps prevent circulatory problems and eliminates fatigue and swelling caused by standing or sitting or travelling for long periods. Choose the appropriate compression, following your needs, among the Carezza proposals. Your legs will thank you!”

“Carezza 40 – Light compression, particularly suitable for women with mild problems in superficial blood circulation.

Carezza 70 – Medium compression, the ideal solution for those who already have circulatory problems and want to prevent them from getting worse.

Carezza 140 – Firm compression, for those who start suffering from swelling and varicose veins. An energetic therapeutic massage.”

How To Wear Carezza

We recommend you to sit, to gather the hose completely to the toe by widening it. Correctly position the heel to get the maximum compression on the ankle, slipping it on the leg so that elasticity is distributed uniformly on calf and thigh. Position the panty properly.

How To Choose The Right Size

Choosing the right size is important, because the wrong one can be ineffective. Consider your weight and height as well as the length of your legs, as indicated in the size chart. If you have large hips, choose the queen-size model. Always ask your reliable retailer for advice.

How To Wash Carezza

Hand wash in lukewarm water and with neutral soap, dry away from heat sources and do not iron. Thanks to the quality of the yarns and by following these practical precautions, the Carezza products will last for a long time, thus keeping elasticity and support action unaltered. Use of these products by individuals suffering from dermatitis, skin lesions and wounds is not recommended.



Getting Them On: you will struggle at first. I found after I rolled onto my foot, I literally broke a nail trying to roll them past the ankle. These are super fitted, which means you gotta wear these enough to get the knack of them. Once you get past the ankle, it’s not too bad on the rest of the leg. You will need to pull up a little and then pinch down in place (it’s easier to do it this way!).

Damn I underestimated these!



On The Legs: I am not gonna lie I hate this colour. It does nothing for my legs whatsoever and if anything. I was self-conscious showing my legs today. Don’t get me wrong they felt great as I could feel the compression get to work (you get slight tingles in the legs now and again and that’s how I know) and there wasn’t a lot of jiggle either. I felt more support on the lower leg than my thigh area.

But that colour is just horrible. If they had it in tan or black, that would be so much better with the design too, but this is just – no no no. Just no. It’s this weird nude khaki brownish colour, and it just looked wrong. The pictures will tell you different; but honestly speaking, these did not do it for me.

The denier is 70, but you can still see through it all, so I suppose it’s not too bad for medium skin coverage.

Got to point out here that these snag quite easily; they aren’t smooth or have a silky-like finish, so do be careful. I managed to get my Pandora bracelet caught so many times in this, but luckily it caught the lace bits in the design, so it wasn’t too bad!



The Toes: they have been dying all day. Note to everyone: have short toenails in these. I have never felt them so squeezed before that I actually though my nails cut into my skin and I was bleeding (it’s happened before!) I had to keep taking my shoes off to keep pulling the tights away from the toes to relieve some pressure. I am not happy with these.

Oh I can’t forget the reinforced heel section – something positive to say here!



The Waistband: okay so I’ve got a good point to these. The band is pretty great; stays up very well during the day and certainly not tight on the stomach either. The elastic in these are fab (I gave them a good old tug throughout the day to test them out).



My Thoughts?

If you can get these in black, then do it. Otherwise don’t bother. I was really disappointed with these, and I can’t say I would recommend this colour at all.

In terms of compression, it did the job well – I give it praise on that!

I can be quite self-conscious of my legs anyways, and this did not help me at all today. In fact, all I wanted to do was cover them up completely! So get them in a different colour if you’re thinking about purchasing!

4 thoughts on “Elly Carezza Resille 70 Pantyhose

  1. Love reading your reviews they are well done. Being a male and straight I wear daily must think am crazy wearing but pantyhose and tights are a great fashion item. Am on my feet all day and find they help with fatigue and they do feel nice on. Any way am looking forward to reading your next review no matter the color or style.

  2. This may be the right time to add that the Italian word ‘carezza’ translates into the English word ‘caress’
    A very apt and topical coinsidence don’t you think…..

  3. Nice tights like the pattern being faint need to look closely to see it thats good because legs like your when in tights need to be admired