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Elle Diamond Net Tights via SockShop

It’s Friday YAY! .. And to celebrate, I’m doing one of my favourite combos – stripes, bodycon and nets!

I was a little stuck on what tights to put with this outfit when I was trying it on last night – but then you know when that little ‘Ping’ goes off in your head? Yeah I had that! I decided to go with my new Elle Diamond Net Tights from SockShop UK. Plus I haven’t done net in a while! I thought it added a little edge onto the outfit today.


So as I have some time for a review today, let me go in depth with these ones. I will do the pros and cons together:

  • Packaging – Not too keen on how they came. They were exposed with cardboard in them and that outer cardboard just stating what they were. Luckily they came in a padded envelope otherwise they could have easily been snagged.
    • The outer cardboard was pretty strong keeping the tights in place, so I give them credit for that. Usually they rip so easily and always end up catching the tights.
    • I wasn’t impressed the fact that cardboard was in the tights, I had to be extra careful not to snag these taking it out as it wasn’t the smooth kind either – So just be careful with that.
  • You will also see on the packaging at the back a little set of instructions on how to make these last longer by your rolling on technique – and to be honest you will need it with these. I had to be extra careful with my anklets but you will need to do the scrunch and roll up technique to get these on nicely.
  • Ok, so a little something I found in them when I was rolling on – I found a small ball of net in the tights which meant I had to roll them back down to get it out and then roll back up again. I would recommend getting your hand in and rolling up your arm before you get them on just in case.
  • No line up on the leg is needed with these apart from at the toes – it doesn’t state reinforced toes, but with nets you always get the starting off point at the toes, so I would class them as reinforced. One leg sat perfect from small to big toe and the other leg I has to mess with it a tad.
  • As they are seamless, they don’t have a gusset and no cut-off point at the top either so these can be worn with those short shorts 😉
  • these are a one size fits all type of pair – so whether you’re short, skinny, tall or chubby, the design will depend on your shape and size. As I’m short and well skinny-ish, the design sits a lot tighter. So just bear that in mind before you buy.
  • The only con point I have to point out (and this is the case with most nets) it starts rolling inwards when you take them off which is such a pain!!
  • Oh wait there is one more con – these can snag very easily so just be careful. i have a chipped nail and it kept catching when I was trying to arrange my anklets under the tights and nearly made the holes bigger.


One thing I have to mention about these – they’re Huggers (it’s a stupid term of mine)

Huggers are when your clothing clings to them and when you walk or move, they move your tights with it as well. your clothes do not move out of place with it, especially bodycons that might roll upwards the more you walk. That’s probably the best way I can describe my term.

I have to say I really do like these tights minus my mixed thoughts on them. It’s a totally different brand that I haven’t tried before and thought I would give it a go, but I am glad I did. They are a lovely pair.


Teaming Up:

Right now this bit is important as these tights can be worn the wrong way. As they are a dark net but a versatile print, you can easily dress this wrong.

I would say stay away from shorts and heels together – shorts and trainers would definitely work with these but heels turns it into what I like to call vulgar. If you want to keep it casual, then stick with casual footwear with these.

Dresses and skirts shouldn’t be a problem with these as they do have a more smart look – heels or flats will go perfectly. I went with a t-shirt and bodycon midi skirt to keep it smart casual for work and even though I did court shoes, you can  easily do converses (for casual), boots (if it’s cold) or flats (depending on the style it can be smart-casual).

There are many ways to pair these nets, but depending on the look you want to go for, I would say just try it on and mess about with your wardrobe before you make that final decision of stepping out.

Would I recommend? Yes I would. They’re not badly priced for what you get out of them and I think it is a design that should be in the wardrobe, especially for office wear.


So my deets for today:

Striped T-Shirt – H&M

Jersey Bodycon Skirt – H&M

Tights – Via SockShop UK

Court Shoes – Jeff Bains


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  1. Oh yessss! That just looks so so good, from start to finish 👌👍 What a totally gorgeous outfit that is, on every level.

    And those legs, pheeew! 😍