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Eleganti RHT Stockings – Diamond Sheen – Seconds

And another new brand is making its way into my collection (woo hoo!) – I found these by a follower who had come across them on StockingsHQ – and I just had to try them out! I have a new-found love for RHT vintage stockings, so I know I need to invest in a good couple of pairs as the tights are taking over at the moment!

So this review is 1 of 2, as I purchased them in Diamond Sheen and Non-Stretch Nylon Stockings – which will up tomorrow as a follow-on …

Now let me give you a little background to Eleganti:


About Eleganti

“Eleganti is one of our two suppliers of Fully Fashioned Nylons and RH&T stockings. Their stockings are produced on old original reading machines from the old Aristoc factory. These 100% nylon genuine stockings show the original glamour and femininity of the 1950’s, the elegance and nostalgia of feminine beauty.

The knitting machines of Eleganti are completely renovated in 1995. These flatbed knitting machines are 18 meters long and are able to produce only 30 stockings per hour. The knitters of Eleganti are highly skilled to operate these machines. When the stocking leaves the machine, the stocking is flat and has to be seemed to create the tube in the shape of a leg. At the welt the stocking has to be turned 360 degrees to finish the welt and by doing so the specific “hole” in the stocking welt is created in order to make it possible for the “seaming machine” to be taken out of the stocking.

Eleganti, home of original glamour and femininity of the 1950’s, the elegance and nostalgia of fully fashioned stockings.”

– taken from an independent website

The Spec

Colour: Copper

Size: Small (4’11”-5’3″, 150-160 cm)

Denier: 15

Materials: 100% nylon

Price: £8.50

Website: StockingsHQ – Eleganti RHT stockings – DIAMOND SHEEN – PLAIN COLOUR – SECONDS

My Outfit

I tried to create a vintage-like outfit with what I had in my wardrobe; I went with my silk floral cami, added a flowy skirt held together by that chunky belt and then added those chunky peep toes. I plaited my hair as it’s a hair wash day (and plus it helps when it’s uber hot!)

My Deets

Cami Top: Cameo Rose

Skirt: H&M

Belt: off a Zara dress

Stockings: Eleganti

Shoes: off eBay



The Review

From The Website: Genuine 100% nylon non-stretch fully reinforced heel and toe (RHT) stockings made on the original vintage machinery. They’re made with Eleganti’s wonderful “diamond” yarn for the ultimate shine and sparkle. These are slight seconds but should be eminently wearable. You can return them for a refund if you’re not happy!

* Classic RHT stockings in high shine diamond yarn at a special low price
* Denier: 15 – sheer
* Yarn: 100% nylon
* Brand nationality: United Kingdom


The Packaging: so as these are seconds – which means that they have imperfections to them, they came in very basic plain packaging, where you can fully see the colour of the stockings through them.

When you get in, you can see these are folded over card with the legs and feet shaped (I love it when they do this)

I have also taken photos before I got them on so you can see that these already have snags and pulls throughout them – a little sad about that but hey… It won’t stop me!


Getting Them On: so as these are already snagged up, I wouldn’t bother with hosiery gloves. I left mine off this time but still took care getting them on. Once you have wrapped them over the feet and over any anklets, just pull these right up to where they comfortably stop and sit on the thighs. Luckily, these sit real high (which I like)!


On The Legs: oh my goodness … They are so dreamy!

The denier is stunning for a 15 – it gives you that real nice leg coverage whilst still trying to create the barely-there look.. Although I have to say I look like I got a nice tan!

The quality I can’t really comment on much as these are already ‘damaged’ in not so many words; but what I do really like is that these are still really decent on the legs; I didn’t create any more (thank goodness) and overall they lasted so well during the day.

The fit of them are just spot on as they do it according to your height; that’s why mine sat higher as I chose to go smaller then do medium where there would have been more wrinkles on the legs. I felt these fit me to a T!

The feel of them are just amazeballs; they are super soft, super smooth and super glossy! I love the way my skirt was gliding across them the whole day!

Now let me mention that the gloss in normal daylight is real high, but when light hits it, I cannot explain how your legs looks like some mermaid shiz! It is incredible how glossy they become!


The Toes & Ankle: so the toes and heels are reinforced which means you don’t need to stress to much with long nails in these. I tried to scratch the inside of them with me the whole day to test it out, and they did good … Evidence below!

There is plenty of wiggle room in them and no extra material on the sides either. The heel reinforcement is great; a cute little cover on them!

Around the ankles, there is no sign of wrinkles whatsoever which does make a change from the vintage stockings I have done previously.


The Bands: super soft, super smooth and stay up so damn well! I cannot say anything bad about these as they did the job so well; they didn’t stretch out during the day making it looser on the thighs, they held up well in the clasps and didn’t wriggle out at any stage and they are super comfy on the legs.

As I mentioned before, these sit quite high up the thigh but I prefer that so I can wear shorter skirts if I wanted without having to worry about the band showing through.



My Thoughts?

I am totally crushing over these! Apart from the fact that they’re seconds, they are just glorious! I love the way they looked on the legs, and I will say that your outfit does matter with these; whatever you wear, make sure it helps to make these stand out rather than a subtle piece!

3 thoughts on “Eleganti RHT Stockings – Diamond Sheen – Seconds

  1. Your gorgeous legs fully compliment this wonderfully classic fashion era.
    Love love absolutely love those slight nylon gathers on the thighs and back of your knees. 😍👍