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Dunnes 10D Lace Top Holdups

Let me bring some heat to the blog, with a gorgeous pair of nude holdups from a brand I’ve not come across before. I swooped these up whilst I was browsing eBay one night, and I had to get them for the blog.

Now I love dressing up holdups, however today I am doing it for the office.

The Spec

Colour: Sherry

Size: Small


Materials: 88% Polyamide, 12% Elastane

Price: £2.49

Website: Private Seller

My Outfit

Creating another cute outfit for work; I am working with a ribbed sweetheart neck bodysuit paired with my floral skirt. Instead of doing my white heels again, I opted for my nude court shoes with embellishments to add that extra bit of glam.

My Deets

Bodysuit: Primark

Skirt: Warehouse

Holdups: Dunnes

Heels: Aldo

The Review

The Packaging

Getting Them On: I took my time to do my scrunch and roll, making sure I take care going over my anklets. These were a lovely glide up the legs, and easy to set in place.

On The Legs: I wanted to show you the colour difference on the legs, so you can see the slight tan shade they add. I like how they still look really natural, giving it a barely there look.

The quality of these are really good; I know these would snag super easy however I took care being in them today and I did not have any damages (yay). I say they would snag easily as these are super thin and it can easily be done with pairs like this.

The fit of these were lovely; I had plenty of stretch in these so I could sit them high or low on the thighs without it affecting the material too much. They hugged the legs very well, and there was no gapping either. I was pretty impressed.

The feel of these are amazing; they are super soft, really silky smooth and look lovely. They glide on the skin, ad don’t irritate once they’re set in place. They also have a lovely smooth texture to them… there is so much positivity in these!!

The Toes & Ankle: as you can see these come with reinforced toes, which cap the toes very nicely. They are a darker denier which means footwear choices might be slightly limited, however at least you know that you have that added protection!

I had plenty of wiggle room for my toes to move during the day, and no pressure was added either whilst I was in them. They had enough material to cover the toes without it feeling tight.

Around the feet and ankles, I had a lovely smooth finish with no wrinkles. I was praying that I didn’t end up with any as it would have shown a lot.

The Bands: I really do like these bands. They have 2 silicone strips located at the top of the lace to hold them up, and then have a lovely dainty floral design to finish the look.

I did find that thin strip under the bands were a little wonky, but it wasn’t a huge deal as I’m not showing them off.

As I mentioned before, these can sit low to high on the thigh, which goes to show how much stretch they hold in them. They stretch out enough to cover the thighs well and not leaving you with a muffin top under your clothing.

My Thoughts?

I think these are a great pair of holdups to try; I loved the colour, I liked the quality and I think they are great. They were super affordable too!

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  1. I really like this pair of stockings, the design of the hold-up part is not bad at all, thin and of quality …
    A great find, especially if the curve is well drawn

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