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DSquared2 Abba Sandals with Falke Shelina 12 Tights

And I am back in these tights once again! I did a Falke Shelina Blog a while back (and I’m talking a good year or two ago now for Legslavish), so I thought I would do another mini blog about them just to refresh your memories 😉

This time I am adding a pair of heels which have been gifted by a follower (as well as these tights) which are to die for!

To view them online > DSquared2 Abba Sandals



The Falke Review

The Packaging: I love the packaging of Falke; always shows a nude mode wearing the hosiery (whether her back is facing us or it’s a side view). At the front it shows pretty much all the details you need to know about the tights, and at the back it goes a little more in depth:

“Summery, ultra-transparent make-up effect.

Ultra-transparent fine tights give your legs a uniquely natural look

Summery make-up effect

Unreinforced toe (sandal toe)

Maximum comfort tanks to perfect FALKE fit

Innovative mesh gusset with hygienic effect in sizes S-L and comfort gusset in size XL”



Inside you will find a card on how to get your hosiery on. I would pay attention if you’re quite rough and always snag/rip them or if you’re a newbie to the hosiery world! Each hosiery is made differently depending on the brand, so it’s always worth a read.



Getting Them On: these are so easy to scrunch and roll up the legs. It really does look and feel like a thin layer of skin you’re putting on your legs. Now you will find that they so feel slightly grainy, but don’t worry as that is the shimmer on the tights. It’s not too bad, so don’t let it put you off, but just though I would forewarn!



The Toes: are completely sheer and there is plenty of wiggle room in them too! The picture basically says it all to be honest!



The Band: sits just above the belly button, and it soft band. You actually don’t feel the band, but then again it depends on what you’re wearing really. My skirt is a fitted band, so I feel that more than my hosiery underneath.



On The Legs: they are just lovely. I have to say as my legs are slightly tanned, you do see them become a shade whiter, but if it’s your normal skin colour, it shouldn’t change too much. I know the last review I did in them, they emphasised my legs really well and made them look like glistening sticks!


The Heel Review

From The Website:

Fine thong-style leather and clear PVC straps and a sky-high stiletto heel, these Abba sandals are made for dancing queens.

  • Logo detail
  • S15C208317
  • Two-tone pattern
  • Buckling ankle strap closure
  • Leather sole
  • Heel height 13.5 cm
  • Composition 80% Reptile leather, 20% PVC
  • Made In Italy

The Packaging: very simplistic but very nice. You get the logo of the company at the top of the box, and then getting in, it’s covered in tissue and padded out.

The first thing I saw was the print and how gorgeous they look! And that heel is just killer <3



Getting Them On: now as the follower has requested to wear to-covered tights with these, I had to allow myself enough room to make sure that these do not rip when I get them through the toe post! I have to say it was damn hard trying to do this without stretching them on the toe post!



On The Feet: these are comfortable to a certain extent – I don’t think I could do a whole night in them just because of the toe post; it tends to hurt after a while. Otherwise I love the way these look at the front. The other bit I really liked was the small little tag on the buckle where it shows the logo of the company!



About The Heels: they do not have a platform whatsoever, so you need to bear in mind that it does feel like you’re walking on your tip toes in a sense! I have to admit I did struggle walking in these in the hosiery that I was in. I’ve tried them on bare foot and they feel fine, but with silky hosiery I would not recommend it!



My Thoughts?

I love the combo, but maybe as toeless tights just you can wear these comfortably without having to worry if your tights are going to rip.

The tights I love anyways, but the shoes are just to die for! They’re so unusual and they would so work as statement shows with any outfit really!

7 thoughts on “DSquared2 Abba Sandals with Falke Shelina 12 Tights

  1. Been looking for a pair of heels like that, really curious how easy (or hard) this type of shoe is to wear. Honestly, couldn’t imagine wearing these with any form of hosiery though.