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Dreamgirl Sheer Suspender Bodystocking

And hello bodystockings! This is a first for me to review on the blog which I am pretty nervous about. I didn’t know how to review this at first until I decided to break away from the ‘bedroom only’ stigma and rock them out to work.

I thought it was the perfect time to seeing as they’re pretty opaque and well… It gave me a massive confidence boost at work!

So let me tell you a little about Essex’ee Legs before I begin the review…

About Essex’ee Legs

Having talked about launching an online shop for a number of years Essex’ee Legs began to take shape at the end of 2010. We wanted to sell glamorous and everyday ladies hosiery that is not always offered on the High Street, and in January 2011 the building of the website began, stock was purchased and all the ideas began to become a reality.

At Essex’ee Legs customers are given a great choice of ladies hosiery; tights, stockings, leggings, socks and more to suit all styles and budgets, keeping up with the latest trends. We offer an efficient and reliable service with orders being dispatched same day, if they are ordered before 3.30pm (UK time). We sell worldwide and add new stock weekly, with many special offers available.

Take a browse around our website, we are powered by Absolute Shopping Cart giving our customer’s a very user friendly experience.

2014 welcomed and new design website which is clean, fresh and crisp; giving our customers an even easier shopping experience. An ‘on mobile’ feature has also been added so customers can shop via their smartphones and tablets.

Also in the Spring of 2014, we were delighted to introduce our own Essex’ee Legs branded hosiery to the range. We now have for sale EL hosiery essentials, a plus size collection and fashion tights for sale. The EL items are of the highest quality and customer feedback has been very positive, with repeat sales.

2015 will see the EL brand expanding, with many more styles, and the launch of the EL-TightsApp. We are very excited about the future at EL.

– taken from their website

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: One size (UK 6 – 16)

Materials: 100% Nylon (exclusive of decoration)

Price: £12.99

Website: Essex’ee Legs – Dreamgirl Sheer Suspender Bodystocking


My Outfit

So my goal was to not show off that I had a bodystocking on underneath. I wore my black silk shirt along with my pencil bodycon skirt and kept my hair in a messy pony/bun thing!

I kept jewellery minimal; just studs in and added my black boots to keep it all nice and dark!

My Deets

Shirt: H&M

Skirt: H&M

Bodystocking: Dreamgirl

Boots: Simmi Shoes



The Review

From The Website: Simple but striking bodystocking that is figure flattering, with tank style shoulder straps and scoop neckline. Cut out daring design with long suspender garter, creating the illusion of wearing stockings and suspenders.

Thong not included
100% Nylon (exclusive of decoration)
One piece
Hand wash in Cold Water, No Bleach, Line Dry

Size: One size UK 6-16
Please see size chart in images.

Dreamgirl D0031B
We are an authorized supplier of this genuine Dreamgirl item.


The Packaging: so when you first get it in your hands, you see this slim box holding the bodystocking in. At the front it shows the front of the model wearing the stocking and the back shows .. well the back of it. Not much detail stated on it to be honest, but then again, I suppose it’s pretty self explanatory what it’s all about.

Getting inside you find it wrapped with the cardboard inserted into one legs of it. I’m not really impressed here as I had to be extra careful getting it out so I don’t snag the material.



Getting Them On: so as you can see below – this is what to expect (this pic was taken after I had worn it so it has been slightly stretched out). I would advise to take your time getting this on as the amount of times I got muddled and stuck was unreal!!!

Scrunch and roll always helps to get them on and up the legs and then once you’re around the suspender part of the legs, then gradually lift it up you taking care not to over-stretch it when you’re getting on the arm straps.



The Fit: so as this is one size, you have plenty of room to play in to be honest and this fit me really well at the top.


However, around the ankles and feet I found that there was excess material which meant it started to crinkle (which is a nightmare!!!!). I took the below picture after a full day at work, so it shows that it does start to sink itself down during the day as it fit so well first thing in the morning.


I also found around the feet that there was so much extra material, so you may need to think about the footwear you choose to wear with this. Luckily I was in boots, but with court shoes and sandals, I think you may need to switch…


Now onto the legs, there is loads and I mean loads of stretchy material. On me it was a thicker denier, but if you’re bigger in size, then it would stretch to make a thinner and sheerer denier.



The Feel: so let’s move onto the feel of this. I can’t say it’s a smooth feel as the material is 100% nylon, so it will feel slightly weird if you’re not used to it. Otherwise around the chest and stomach (as this part is stretched a bit) – this I found to look smoother (pic shown below) and actually quite nice. I wore lingerie underneath (just remember I was going to work in this) so I wanted to be comfortable rather than expose everything!


On the legs I found it to be rougher looking, especially against the skirt I was wearing. I know that it’s not something you would wear to work so I shouldn’t really complain about it, but even so, you still want it looking great on your legs.

From far, everyone though these were like 100 denier / woolly tights that I was in, which I suppose isn’t a bad thing!



The Suspender Straps: are pretty high up which I do like, so shorter skirts and dresses can be worn with these. Mine were right at the top of the thighs, but then again this is also height dependent as if you’re taller then I’m sure it would sit slightly lower??!!


So these are a double strap (of course – but for those of you who are new to bodystockings (you need to know this!) You have a nice wide gap on the side of your thighs / bum before it then splits and becomes crotchless and works into the design at the top.




My Thoughts?

Okay so maybe the quality could be slightly better, but for my first time in trying out a sheer – mesh type, I thought this was OK for what you get. I would probably say keep this in the bedroom rather than wear it out unless you’re tall and can cover that extra material around the feet.

The nice thing about them is that they hardly snagged during the day and it actually kept me slightly warm too (bonus for winter here!)

Another part to mention is that with this being crotchless (as most bodystockings are) – it’s ultra hygienic as well (especially for those of you who wear underwear with their hosiery) as it allows your down there to breathe during the day. And no, you don’t get cold down there if you’re wearing it out and about!

Would I wear this again? Maybe… But maybe just to prance around in my bedroom. I wouldn’t pair this with an outfit unless it’s an oversized shirt and I cba with how I look.


2 thoughts on “Dreamgirl Sheer Suspender Bodystocking

  1. Nice review Have a few in other brands too a chance not long ago got them online from china off of ebay. First thought was will it fit to my surprise it did it was in a sheer nylon spandex glossy blue was the chest high type which I love all glossy hosiery