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Double Whammy: CdR Logo & CdR Space Tights

And off we go again starting the week with another double duet from CdR. We are still reviewing larger sized hosiery, and I have also found you links below where you can purchase them from this winter.

The Spec For CdR Logo

Colour: Black

Size: 4 – Large

Denier: 30

Materials: 45% Nylon, 40% Polypropylene, & 15% Spandex

Price: £21.99

Website: UKTights – Cecilia De Rafael CdR Logo Fashion Tights

The Spec For CdR Space 

Colour: Black Faded

Size: 4 – Large

Denier: 60

Materials: 55% Nylon, 30% Polyester & 15% Elastane

Price: £23.99

Website: UKTights – Cecilia De Rafael Space Fashion Tights


The Review

From The Website:

CdR Logo

CdR Space
This design is a unique and interesting one from Cecilia de Rafael this year. This design is an homage to another fashion houses work, Gucci. The famous Gucci pattern is a series of chain links like this diamond pattern, and at the intersection of each is a double G motif. Here, a similar chain link effect with CdR is present. As Cecilia de Rafael moves more and more into the realm of fashion, they have created some great new and creative designs, but they have also made sure to honour the giants of fashion too.

* 30 denier
* Flat seams
* CdR logo pattern
* Semi-opaque
* Cotton gusset
* 45% Nylon
* 40% Polypropylene
* 15% Spandex

Space is part a fascinating and exciting new range of fashion tights from Cecilia de Rafael. These are a mottled pair of tights with light grey specks among a black background. But turn them inside out and you get charcoal grey and black specks on a steely grey backdrop. The result is an inverse pattern and colour scheme that looks like a blanket of stars in the night sky. A stunning display and one that looks just as impactful twice over.

* 60 denier
* Two tone
* Faded design
* Opaque leg
* Cotton gusset
* 55% Nylon
* 30% Polyester
* 15% Elastane


The Packaging: so as these came straight from CdR, these didn’t have any of the outer packaging to them. They simply came as they are pictured below! I was pretty amazed as I thought they were previous seasons, until I realised it’s their current collection!

So as you can see from the slideshow below, these were packed pretty much the same as one another, with the subtle foot and leg shaping to it.


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Getting Them On: I didn’t use hosiery gloves getting these on as they are thick and sturdy enough without them 🙂

As these are pretty much a free pattern, you don’t really need to do a line up unless you wish to. I did (as I’m OCD like that) to help me sit them right from the toes.




On The Legs: so once again they both stand out in their own way. We have the space being quite bright and bold, with the logo a lot more toned down with an eye-catching pattern dotted all over the legs.

The Space: I am loving the double effect of these; a right statement piece it is. Working from a darker grey into a lighter/whitish grey is just amazing. I love how they’ve done it as a dotted effect to make it stand out a lot more than just an ombre transition.

We have these at 60 denier, which gives it a nice block opaque look. The quality is once again amazing and I had no issues in these whatsoever.

The fit of them are just amazing – I still can’t believe that a large is near enough identical to a small size. The perks of this is that I have enough elasticity in these for them to hug the legs so well and the denier would be a lot denser than stretched on a small.

The Logo: so the denier is 20, which makes it half of what space is, so you get that sheerness coming through. Obviously mine would be a lot sheerer if they were my size, but this will make do for now. The quality is pretty decent, however I did find that these had some weird textures in the base of the tights; it had weird markings scattered around. I am not too sure if it’s to do with the sizing (I would have said over-stretching but this isn’t the case for me).

The same again with the fit; they fit really well on the legs, I had no gapping or anything to worry about.






The Toes & Ankle:the toes on both of these had plenty of wiggle room, both were soft and smooth around the feet and has a good amount of reinforcement to them as well. I found no extra material hanging around anywhere either.

Around the ankles, these sat completely flush with no signs of wrinkles.





The Waistband & Gusset: the bands on both of these are once again amazing. They sat in the same place the whole day with no signs of them slipping down the legs after a day’s wear. They were super comfy to be in and have plenty of elasticity in them too.

The band itself is super soft and they don’t roll over either which I really like. They hold up so well!





My Thoughts?

Once again CdR, you have amazed me with how similar the sizing is with your hosiery. I love the way they fit and feel on the legs, and the designs you’re coming out with are to die for right now. Proper unique and bold for winter, which I LOVE BY THE WAY!

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  1. Both of these have a amazing look to them CDR did it again. I would love having both of these to wear once I get the funds will get both. Great review Soni very nice detailed review as always thank you so much.