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Dore Dore Satine 20 Stay-Up Stockings

Dore Dore? Anyone ever heard of this make before? I certainly haven’t… So I had to do my research on them before I trial them. I have to say I’m always intrigued when it comes to new brands I haven’t seen or even heard of!

I apologise that it’s not FISHNET FRIDAY again, but I have something better in store for you…. (I HOPE!)


About Dore Dore

“With a leading know-how recognised for its excellence, Dore Dore has been manufacturing since 1819 tights, stay-ups, socks, ankle socks, knee high socks and other accessories for women, men and children.

First based in France for nearly two centuries in the Champagne-Ardenne region at Fontaine-les-Grès, Dore Dore became Italian in 2003 following the acquisition by the prestigious Gallo Group based near Brescia.

Since 2012, all Dore Dore items have been made in Italy. Gallo kept the spirit and the old tradition of the brand while bringing its Italian touch that can be seen in its style and colours.” – taken from their website

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: 2 / Small

Denier: 20

Materials: 89% Polyamide, 11% Elastane

Price & Website: Unknown


My Outfit

Let me tell you how hard I found it to do colours with this skirt? Due to its richness, I ended up doing black in the end to make my life easier, but next time there’s a few colours I have in mind to play around with.

With my shoes, I was debating for a while which to do, and I thought let them be my neutrals to the outfit.

I added small studs and left my hair wavy for the day.

My Deets

Jumper: New Look

Skirt: Zara

Shoes: New Look

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The Review

The Packaging: so the first thing it screams out is sensual, luxury, maybe bedroom? The front is pretty simple like, but not a bad thing at all. It’s eye-catching!

The back of it, doesn’t give you much info, but then again it’s written in various languages:

“20D – Fine – Satiny. Very wide two-coloured garter top – Graduated compression knit – Shaped – Invisible reinforced toes (with run resistant knit) ideal for summer shoes.”


Getting Them On: okay so I was actually dying to get these on my legs I kept forgetting to take my pictures whilst I was doing it!! These are pretty small in length, which means that these are gonna fit so well on the legs and sit where they’re supposed to (unless you pull them up higher!)

I love how these have an olden-golden feel to them; there’s something about the way the band looks that makes it look very vintage-like.

I managed to keep them snag free against the anklets which is always a job well done!



On The Legs: I am loving that sheer! Like it’s just so smooth looking and my natural leg colour pops through quite nicely. I would like to say it’s heading towards the barely black side. The lace top is just the eye-popping piece when the skirt slowly rides up when I sit down.

I got to say I love these – THESE DO FAVOURS FOR YOUR LEGS PEOPLE!!

The feel is just great; smooth, soft, easy for your legs to fall off each other and  perfect to run your hands down. Need I say more?


The Toes: so I am loving that these are reinforced… AND RUN-RESISTANT! This is just damn perfect, so I really need to give these another go with slightly longer nails in peep toe shoes and see how well they last! You can tell where it curves that they the stitching is slightly different anyways compared to the rest of the nylon.



The Band: this band! THIS BAND IS AMAZEBALLS! One of the best bands I have tried to date! Let me just make it easy and bullet point this bit:

  • The silicone is super strong – I had to really tug to get these apart to put on
  • They hold up so well – I took them on and off about 6 times today and not once did I feel that they were losing grip. Might be a different story if you’re on a night out sweating!
  • The floral print is so unique and completely different to what I have seen and tested out previously.
  • The colours are gorgeous which makes it versatile to wear – work, casual, bedroom. You name it. I know I wear mine to work all the time, but not many can do that as it may look ‘too much’ – but these are just perfect!

In fact, let me just put this into a little slideshow for you just to make it easier!

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My Thoughts?

I’m in love, and this time in love with something so unique. Something that some people would call plain or not that sexy, but it’s beautiful in its own way. And the fact that it just added to my outfit (especially the skirt) is a pure winner!

I love the quality of them, the fact that they have reinforced toes, they look amazing and my legs felt gorgeous in them! I think I need to explore this brand a little further….


3 thoughts on “Dore Dore Satine 20 Stay-Up Stockings

  1. Nothing better than a pair of hold ups. They look great to touch. But then us voyeurs always think that. In this case, sounds like they are great to wear too. The band looks good. If I saw that, it would take me to stocking-top heaven.