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Donna Karan Ultra Sheer Toner Tights

So let us slip into some toner tights, purely because I know I’m gonna be eating loads this month and I need to still be looking all slim and not like I’ve eaten a horse!

Now these were bought with the other Donna Karan Tights I have reviewed in the past few weeks, so I found you all a link where you can purchase a pair for yourself!

The Spec

Colour: Natural

Size: Small

Denier: 10

Materials: 66% Polyamide, 34% Elastane

Price: £10.99

Website: UKTights – Donna Karan Signature Collection Ultra Sheer Toner Tights

My Outfit

It was pretty chilly today (and here I am wearing 10 denier tights!), so I wore my crop box jumper paired with my bodycon skirt and I added some playful shoes to break it up a little.

I just wore small hoops and left my hair down and messy to finish off the look.

My Deets

Jumper: LOTD

Skirt: H&M

Tights: Donna Karan

Shoes: Phase 8



The Review

From The Website: Donna Karan is one of the most well regarded designers in the world of women’s fashion. Now, they have released a limited collection of leg wear, the Signature Collection. Donna Karan’s tights are just as amazing as they dresses, blouses and other items of clothing. These ultra sheer tights are simplistic and elegant, and feature a toning effect that helps shape and sculpt the legs gently. This is a sheer tights design that can be worn anywhere and with anything, the hallmark of good clothing, and a Donna Karan favourite.

* 10 denier
* Ultra sheer
* Shapes tummy & thighs
* Sheer toe
* 66% Polyamide
* 34% Elastane



The Packaging: like most of Donna Karan’s hosiery; they packaging tends to be the same – just with a different model pose really.

When you get in, you will find these wrapped around promotional card (flat folded) ready to get on. As these are shapewear, the top of the tights will be a lot thicker, just in case you forget and freak out like I did!

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Getting Them On: so I’m not gonna lie but I am pretty reluctant to try these as I know natural will be too light for my skin, but I will still give them a go.

So as you can see below, my legs have gone a shade or 5 lighter than what my skin colour actually is, making it look slightly pasty-looking.

Oh and before I forget to tell you and move on, I did my usual scrunch and roll to get these up, taking care over the anklets. These are very delicate so I would recommend taking your time to get them on.


On The Legs: right so as I mentioned above, these are pretty light on the skin, which doesn’t work so well with darker days. In summer, this might work a lot better as you have light constantly hitting your legs, but not so much with winter.

The denier being 10 is also not ideal for cold weather; but like an idiot I am, I will still go to work and bear the cold so I can get these reviewed. These are delicate, so just remember to be careful once they are on so you don’t end up snagging them. I was fine the whole day, but it can easily happen!

The fit and feel of them are a dream! They are true to size for sure and I love the way they felt so silky on the legs. They do really smooth out the legs which I thought was amazing!

Now if you look closely at the middle pic on the left, that is when there is no flash so it looks like it blends in with my skin tone. This pair is a weird one I have to say; I’m having some sort of love-hate relationship with them in terms of colour.


The Toes & Ankle: so bright whites here hey?! These aren’t reinforced, so do be careful with long/sharp nails so they don’t end up ripping. I had plenty of wiggle room in these.

Around the ankles, these sit plush against the skin 🙂


The Waistband & Toner: so let’s talk about the toner part.

Do I feel like it worked?

Well a part of me says that it did slightly, but not as great as some other toner tights I have reviewed before. I found that these had so much stretch in them at the top, which makes a change as other ones I have reviewed only stretch 1 inch away max from the body and this pair is super stretchy!

I was truly amazed with how they actually sat on me, but in terms of the ‘toner’ part, I am not too sure if it actually did anything for me. I felt like I was wearing a normal pair of  tights with a thicker boxer brief top. I didn’t feel like these helped to squeeze me down slightly.

I gotta say they are proper comfortable thought; I really didn’t feel like I was wearing any control top in these.

After I took these off, they returned back tot heir normal shape (see bottom right pic) which did amaze me as I thought it would hold the length a little more before it returned to its normal size.


My Thoughts?

These are an interesting pair for sure I have to say, but I am glad I gave these a go. I wanted to see what they would be like, and if anything they were super comfortable, but not much of a ‘toner’ pair in my eyes.

The quality of these are really good; I haven’t come across a bad pair of Donna Karan’s tights, so that’s a good sign!

4 thoughts on “Donna Karan Ultra Sheer Toner Tights

  1. OMG, miss Soni, this outfit combination is so stunning! Open toes polka dot heels and so sheer tights are just heaven to look at! I almost went blind, but I am happy.

  2. Great review and they look magnificent on your legs. After see what they look like you wearing them I need a pair to the idea that they fit and feel like a dream on love the idea also they felt silky on your legs these I would love having.