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Donna Karan Signature Collection Ultra Sheer Satin Control Top Tights

And hello new brand! I have come across DK before, but never had the chance to get my hands on a pair until now!

I got these a while ago and realised I needed to get reviewing ASAP, and I know the weather is still pretty cold in the UK, but I didn’t feel like holding on any longer!

About Donna Karan


Donna Karan, a pioneer. A woman designing for women. Modern woman—forward-thinking, confident, and self-assured—succeeding in the world, while pulling off the balancing act of life.

Responding and reacting to real needs—needs she knew because they were also her own, Karan launched Seven Easy Pieces with her first collection in 1984—and revolutionized the way women dress. A bodysuit, a tailored jacket, a skirt, pants, a cashmere sweater, a leather jacket, and an evening look. With Seven Easy Pieces, women could create infinite combinations with these easy-to-wear garments. Karan intuitively understood the need and desires of modern women, designing collections that could take them from day to evening and simplifying life, without sacrificing elegance or sensuality.

As Donna’s own life evolved, she was confronted with a new demand: a teenage daughter raiding her closet. And so came the next generation New Yorker: DKNY.

Since its inception in 1989, DKNY has been synonymous with New York, inspired by the energy and attitude of the city. Drawing on Karan’s original principle of designing for the woman who never knew where the day would take her, DKNY has transformed into a global lifestyle powerhouse: the dynamic wardrobe of everything you need to live a New York life—wherever that may be.


More than 30 years later, Donna Karan is one of the most iconic names in American fashion. Her iconic silhouettes and innovative system of dressing remain as relevant as ever, now reimagined in a modern-day Donna Karan New York and the next-generation counterpart, DKNY. Caviar and pizza. Black car and taxi. The skyline and the street. Together, Donna Karan New York and DKNY are the two sides of the city that inspires everything we do.

– taken from her website

The Spec

Colour: Black 124

Size: Small

Denier: 10

Materials: 75% Polyamide, 25% Elastane

Price: £9.99

Website: UKTights – Donna Karan Signature Collection Ultra Sheer Satin Control Top Tights

My Outfit

I kept it proper chic for work today with my sheer polka dot shirt (with my bodysuit cami top underneath) tucked into my bodycon pencil skirt and just for effect, I added my peep toe polka dot court shoes.

I left my hair down and curly-ish and added small studs instead of big earrings to keep with the look.

My Deets

Shirt: Forever21

Bodysuit Cami Top: New Look

Skirt: H&M

Tights: Donna Karan

Shoes: Phase Eight


The Review

From The Website: Donna Karan have an amazing hosiery collection out and it’s here at UK Tights. These gorgeous ultra sheer satin tights have a control top to help smooth and shape your bum and tum. They’re also beautifully fine as they’re a 10 denier.

* 10 denier
* Sandal foot
* Ultra sheer
* Control top
* 75% Polyamide
* 25% Elastane

The Packaging: I found the packaging to be really rich, luxurious and enticing. Like I am talking Wolford and above level. The front shows the model’s legs (not too sure if she is wearing hosiery but I like to hop she is) along with the brand and the make. In the top right corner, it also gives you a breakdown of the size, colour, style etc. which I think is great!

The back states the sizing guide, along with the materials and a little blurb about the hosiery:

Why choose between your favourite hosiery and your favourite toner? My Signature Collection gives you both. Your legs will look their absolute sleekest and most sophisticated everyday of the week. More than hosiery, it’s a confident way of life.

When you get inside, you will find these really neatly wrapped around cardboard with a branded label (fancy or what?!)

At first I thought it was promotional card (and it turned out it was) with the following text about the different pairs:

How you feel about your body determines your mood. It even determines how you carry yourself. And if you feel good about your body, you are more self-confident. Donna Karan Hosiery is committed to making you feel longer, leaner, leggier. Sexier. Because if you feel great in your clothes, you feel great about your body. And that makes all the difference.”

The Nudes
Hosiery made to match skin tones, perfecting the look and feel of a truly flawless bare leg. Better than bare, virtually invisible, virtually flawless.

The Signature Collection
Effortless style and everyday luxury, embracing the most desired, timeless leg options, from ultra sheer to sueded opaque.

The Body Perfect Collection Legwear
Modern shaping and toning that combine innovative design with luxurious comfort. Three leg options and two body controlling levels provides the style you want and the control you desire.”

The Body Perfection Collection Everyday Smoothing
A simple, luxe way to look better under clothing each and every day. Three styles offer minimal control with maximal smoothing, including rear and tummy toning. A way to smooth, a way of life.

The Body Perfect Collection Shapewear
An innovative shapewear system as comfortable as it is sleek. Four silhouettes and three body controlling levels provide the perfect combination of modern style and targeted sculpting that’s right for you.”


Getting Them On: so I would certainly advise hosiery gloves with these as they are delicate and are prone to snagging (not put it to the test yet!) I did the scrunch and roll on the legs, taking care going over anklets.

Rolling up the leg is a breeze; they just glide right on. No need for tugging or pulling up too high either!


On The Legs: is like wow! A pure smooth finish with a subtle shine to them is exactly what I love when it comes to sheers! They make the legs looks utterly gorgeous without even trying!

The denier is superb for a nice basic coverage (which works for most workplaces) and I love how you still get your natural leg colour still shining through.

The quality of these are amazing; not one snag throughout the whole day and I am super impressed with this! Normally I end up getting a few as I am busy rushing around most of the time, but I am dead happy with how these turned out 12 hours later!

Now these are control top, however I have to say that it’s the most lightest control top I have tried to date. I actually forgot that they were when I got them on and during the day, I treated them like normal tights; I mean with control top you need to make sure that your bum sits in a certain pair of the hosiery etc. but I truly forgot. Perfect for those who like these tops (I am part of this clan) and want it quite low rather than a top which can squeeze the life out of you!

Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures up close pictures of this, but look further down at the waistband section to see more.


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The Toes & Ankle: completely sheer sandal toes on these, which I am loving! It works so well with peep toe and open toe shoes (and perfect for summer coming up too!)

No snags or runs or pulls around this area, and plenty of toe wiggle room too!

Around the ankles yo won’t find any wrinkling or crinkling as these are a complete smooth run from the toe seams right to the band!


The Waistband: now the waistband/control top is decent. You get a good size brief boxer on them which covers front and back (of course) with a cotton gusset inside.

The band itself is comfortable during the day, however it does start to dig in slightly the longer you wear them I found. It wasn’t too bad, but I had to pull away a few times to relieve some pressure off my tummy.


My Thoughts?

I am digging these! I love that sheer, I love the denier and I love this brand. The control top is a light and subtle one which does work (to the point you forget!) and these hold up so well during the day.

The quality is fabulous on these, and I would recommend it solely on that basis. Everything else is a plus point in my eyes!

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