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Donna Karan Control Top Tights

Back into DK we go, and this time in a nude/bronze pair. I know you must think I am mad doing these in winter, when technically these should be summer tights, but I decided to layer with them instead showing the fact you can still pull off tan hosiery no matter what 🙂

So once again these were bought off a site, where once you purchase, it’s gone gone!

The Spec

Colour: Bronze

Size: Small

Denier: 7 Denier Appearance 

My Outfit

Now let’s talk layering – I wore my oversized jumper with my bodycon skirt underneath, added a waist belt to give me some shape, whacked on some over-knee socks and added some sparkle with my boots.

My Deets

Jumper: H&M

Skirt: New Look

Socks: H&M

Tights: Donna Karan

Belt: Accessorizr

Boots: Dr Martens



The Review

The Packaging: this time we are looking at a more vibrant packet. We have the model on the front, and the back once again goes into more detail about the brand and the model of the tights.

You get that card insert where it gives you a brief overview of the collections you can buy from Donna Karan, and the tights folded around it.

Now before I got them on, I wanted to see what it looks like as they looked pretty rough at first, until I realised that would be the bronzing shine to them.

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Getting Them On: so I did my usual scrunch and roll technique, using my hosiery gloves. I got these on carefully over my anklets as I didn’t want them catching on in any way!

I then added my over knee socks (which did keep on falling down most of the day let me add!) and voila!


On The Legs: I gotta say I am loving the bronze look – I do love tan-like tights as it gives a lovely natural colour to the legs. It really does make all the difference to be honest compared to colours which are close matching or lighter than your skin colour.

The denier to these are super thin, so you do need to be careful with snagging. This can easily be done let me tell you!

The quality of these are really good, and they lasted so well during the day. There was plenty of elasticity to them, hugging every bump and gap 🙂

The fit and feel of them are superb; they are certainly true to size so if you’re not sure then do go a size up. The feel did surprise me a little; even though they looked grainy and rough, they were in fact really nice on the legs. They were’t super smooth but there abouts.


The Toes & Ankle: so as you can see below; these are super sheer on the toes and ankles, so please do be careful with anything long or sharp. I made sure my nails were smaller so I could wear these without an issues and I suppose wearing socks did help to act as a reinforcement (somehow).



My Thoughts?

I think these are such a good pair of tights, and the price I got them for is incredible. Even if you would pay the full amount, I would still say they are worth it. That lovely grainy shine looks so lovely on the legs and would work well with party wear for winter too if you choose not to opt for black.

2 thoughts on “Donna Karan Control Top Tights

  1. Scrunch n roll, scrunch n roll 😜😛

    Absolutely love that gorgeous textured shine on those wonderful legs.
    Deliciously sexy 😍 I must say.