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Domina Closed Toe Heels by Pleaser

Well it’s about time I finally got these reviewed! I know it has been a while and I do apologise but trying to pair these with an outfit to make people go ‘WOAH’ was pretty hard. I know they’re a simple pair that can go with everything, but I didn’t want to settle for that. Then again the outfit I went with today is on the simple side, yet the amount of compliments I have had in them along with how my hair is – just fitted the bill!


My Outfit

Ok so red and black is clearly one of my favourite combinations seeing as I have done it quite a fair few times in the past month or so. I didn’t want to do fitted with these as I don’t want to be going on the dominatrix side, so fit and flares did me to bring out the fiery woman along with the big crimped hair! Now saying that, I don’t know if that’s a good thing or if I was just slating myself there!

My Deets:

Red Dress: Mango

Heels: Via Amazon


The Review

So this is a whole new company I have never heard of before so I was intrigued to see how the shoes came. The box is really strong and sturdy and trying to dent this thing is pretty hard. The shoes came individually wrapped along with padding to keep them in shape and tissue paper over the buckle. I also found that they come with their own shoe bag too with a slight bit of padding in there. So far I am dead impressed!

You have to be careful with the patent on these – I usually am just because I hate it when it gets scratched before you have even got them on!

Slipping your foot in is not a problem with these – I had to wiggle my right foot in as it seemed slightly more tight. Then again my right foot is slightly bigger than my left (don’t judge!!).

They are certainly true to size I have to say – with bare feet you may find it is just right being a little snug around the toes, but with tights on, you have that thin layer that will just slip in the shoes so you do have that slight bit of toe-wiggle room.

The buckle moves freely – so if you want to strap it at the side of the foot or at the back, you can do so. The only thing is that on one foot it keep turning around the ankle even though it was on one of the tightest.

I do love the heel on these things – absolute plain heel and no platform whatsoever. And in all honesty it doesn’t even feel that high. It just feels like a normal pair of shoes you’re in, so that’s a bonus. And to top it off, they have slight padding inside the shoes to help your feet along! WOOP WOOP!

Oh I forgot to mention these came with extra heel caps too – well if you’re a dom strutting your stuff in these, you will definitely be needing them!

They do feel comfortable as you walk – although they do start to make your feet ache after a while. I managed to do nearly a whole day in them without having to take them off or just put my feet up for a bit.


So would I recommend? Oh yes for sure! Don’t be put off by the fact that they are aimed at a different market – I sure didn’t I was just after a higher heel and there they were! They still do look like an ordinary pair of shoes and nothing too slutty either (well it depends on how you dress them!)


2 thoughts on “Domina Closed Toe Heels by Pleaser

  1. They are rather gorgeous and do add a touch of sexy (in a good way) to your outfit. I’ve tried 5″ and suffered so stick with 4″ (crazy how an inch can make such a difference)
    Lovely dress too 😘😘