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Diamante Tights by Pink Boutique

I do love a bit of sparkle – and even more when they’re on a pair of tights!

I got these a while back – and it all stemmed from this image I came across and I had to get myself a pair.

Want to hear something funny? So I asked hubby to help me pick a pair of tights to wear for work and as soon as he saw these, he said “These look kinda tacky I wouldn’t want them on you!” I was gobsmacked when he said that. I mean I thought they were pretty cute and could work well with a few outfits, but he wasn’t keen at all. To be fair he hasn’t seen what they are like on, so that might be a different story when he sees me later on!

My Outfit

Soooooooooooooooo I am back in jeans for these pair! I got inspiration from our community page on Facebook and I had to recreate the look! I love it the last time I was in jeans and tights, so I had to get myself back in them again!

Obviously the jeans I saw had massive holes in them whereas mine are piddly (but still effective!) – you could really tell that I wore them underneath with the diamante’s pressing against the materials so you could see dots all over my legs! The best part was on the ankles – they just glistened in the sun! Hubby was like “Are you actually wearing them underneath?” Of course I am if he wasn’t going to approve just tight and a dress!


I went with my stripey off the shoulder top and a pair of converses to finish off the look – simple yet effective where needed!

My Deets:

Top: H&M

Jeans: New Look

Footwear: Converses

Choker: Topshop



The Review

So packaging – the most basic I have ever seen. It just shows the tights through a window at the front, and nothing at the back whatsoever! I’m intrigued to see what I find inside then!

They’re neatly wrapped around cardboard (great!!) so no complaints there. When getting them off, the first thing that came into my head is how soft and silky they are – to the point they are slipping off my hands!!!

Another thing I noticed (which gave it away that it wasn’t decent quality and well thought through) is that they have diamante’s all over.. INCLUDING UNDER THE FEET! This is going to hurt!!! I tried it just bare foot on the floor and it’s not so bad at the front, but on the heel it does dig in and hurt quite a bit! So not impressed here, but then again I paid hardly anything for these, so I don’t expect the makers to think about the pain and numbness behind having gems under the foot!! Then again – I wore them all day with some footies and they seemed to be fine once you got used to walking on gems! So if you have some socks or padded insoles, it isn’t so bad.

Getting them on isn’t an issue – they do glide right on! I would be aware of sharp anklets – otherwise you’re all good. The best part is that the gems aren’t sticking together, as I have come across tights where you have to peel them off each other and it just ends up wrecking them.


The band on these are just fab! They sit so well on and haven’t budged all day. I suppose wearing jeans on top, they won’t budge will they?!


The denier and colour – not this is something that I am not too keen on. I think it would work if you had whiter legs, but the colour did not do it for me. It was a pasty colour on the legs and didn’t do my legs any favours – just make them look whiter and paler than they are (which is not a good look). I have to admit they do have a sheen on them when the sun hits it, but otherwise I wasn’t a fan. A bit I hated was the toe section – I really dislike that creamy colour; I think it just doesn’t work and it completely rules out peep toes. I know most women will still go for it, but to me I hate it.


One good thing about these tights are that they didn’t snag at all whilst I was in them. I did treat them a little rough just to test them out and I can say nothing happened! Onto a winner here!

Overall Thoughts?

I’m not too sure if I would actually recommend these. My honest opinion – I didn’t like the colour whatsoever as it didn’t work with my legs, only against and the toes just annoyed me. Otherwise these are a decent pair which could last you a while (not too sure about the diamante’s) and work well with party dresses and heels!

3 thoughts on “Diamante Tights by Pink Boutique

  1. Like them or loathe them, I would describe them as `fun`
    Either way, you have certainly found a means of making them look very attractive.