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Devious Domina 212 Peep Toe Shoes

Oh I love me some stilettos – especially ones that look this good. I don’t wear pairs like this often as they can hurt your feet after a while (I mean your foot is arched the whole time) and they have a certain look to them which won’t work with all my outfits.

I haven’t reviewed a Devious pair in a while, so this was a nice surprise. I paired them with my Clio 602 Bas Prestige non-stretch RHT stockings to give it that vintage-like look.

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: UK 6

Materials: Outer Material: Synthetic | Inner & Sole Material: Manmade

Price: £54.09

Website: Amazon – Devious Womens Domina-212 Slippers

The Review

From The Website: Sensous. sexy. wild. no other adjectives are more fitted to describe the essence of the pleaser brand of footwear.
Superbly padded insoles for added comfort, durable, skid-resitant rubber outsoles, innovative designs & fine materials are some of the key features that set shoes made by pleaser usa apart.

Outer Material: Synthetic
Inner Material: Manmade
Sole: Manmade
Closure: Slip-On
Heel Height: 15 centimetres
Heel Type: Stiletto
Fit Type: fits regular size
Shoe Width: Regular

The Packaging

Getting Them On: as they are peep toes and no ankle straps, you slip your feet right into them. I had on 100% nylon stockings with these heels so my feet glided right in!

As you can see in some of the images below, these are slightly too big as I have some gapping at the back; this can easily be resolved with insoles or heel grips to fill that gap. I would rather have the heels slightly big so I can make my own adjustments than small where I have to squeeze my feet into them.

On The Feet: we went snap happy with these heels, purely because they look fire! I am loving how these have a sexy yet sophisticated look to them, and that peep toe just adds that gorgeous finishing touch which sets it all off. These wouldn’t look as good in a matte or suede finish I have to say; I prefer them with that patent, glossy finish to really make them pop.

The heel height is super high as you can tell, and these have no platform to them whatsoever. I will say these can be a struggle to walk in; I had a hard time as my stockings were making it too slippery inside my heels to walk properly and as these aren’t a snug fit on the feet, I did struggle. If I was barefoot in these, I wouldn’t have any issues strutting my stuff. I will say if you are not used to this heel height, please do practice walking in them before you actually take them out – you could easily break a body part!

The quality of these heels are amazing; you can tell these are not a cheap pair by the way they are made and how they look. I always look out for this when I get a new pair of heels; you can normally spot it a mile off when they are a cheap pair of shoes. They do not hurt the sides of your feet or toes (meaning they don’t rub against your skin), they are easy to get into and they are somewhat comfortable on the soles. I will say the patent on the outside can damage easily if you do not take care of them; you can always buy protectors to put on, but you need to make sure you take care when you’re in them to protect the shell.

The fit is one that I an work with well. These are UK size 6, which I do wear however sizing does depend on the company. I would be UK 5.5 in this brand as I know they would fit perfectly, however they don’t do half sizes. As I mentioned before, I would rather go one size up and pad them out rather than going a size smaller for an extra-snug fit.

My Thoughts?

I gotta say I love these heels; I liked pairing them with this outfit however I will need to wear them with some padding (or none if I go barefoot). They are a pair which no doubt is a showstopper in a sophisticated way. I would happily recommend them if you’re ok with the heel height 🙂

Photo Credit: Jitsgram