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Desigual & Jellies

So today I decided that I couldn’t do a review on a pair of tights – not because I didn’t want to, but because they wouldn’t roll up my legs this morning! It is so hot and humid, there is no way I would survive in a pair unless they had some sort of cooling mechanism in them!


I opted for my Desigual dress that I bought from Barcelona along with my Mel Jelly Sandals, which only come out when the weather is like this! I was gonna do my new neon pink sandals but I don’t fancy walking like a calf with my feet slipping around in this heat!


To finish off the look, I added a waist-belt to give it the fit and flare look. You can wear the dress without, but it always makes me look stumpy and chubby, so adding that just defines your figure. Although if you do have a bit of a belly, maybe it won’t be such a bad idea to leave the belt (only if you’re comfortable with it being quite a baggy dress)