Dear-lover Women’s New Style Leather over Bust Corset

And hello to another piece which I have no had time to review until now. I kept wondering how to wear and review this without it looking too provocative (because we have enough of that in the world and I wanna change that up!) so I thought let’s get some inspo off Google and boom … I decided to wear this in a way which I didn’t ever think I could pull off until the outfit came together like so…

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: Small

Materials: 45% Polyrethane & 55% Polyester

Price: £11.60

Website: Dear-lover Women’s New Style Leather over Bust Corset

My Outfit

I wore a plain t-shirt with the corset on top, added a pair of high-waisted jeans and some suede court shoes to make it look all jazzy. I could have easily gone for my Timberlands but thought let’s be lady-like today!

My Deets

T-Shirt: Dorothy Perkins

Jeans: TopShop

Shoes: Dune

Corset: off Amazon

The Review

From The Website: Available in different sizes to meet all of your demands and shape you an hourglass figure, this faux leather corset has a shiny appearance, a formfitting shape design, brassy zipper closure front and embellished on cups. Plastic boned. Strong cord lace-up back detail.

100% brand new condition
Hereby advice: when buying please identify the only seller is Dear-lover
Small Size: Waist 63-68cm / 25-26inch, Medium Size: Waist 69-73cm / 27-28inch
Large Size: Waist 74-78cm / 29-30inch, X-Large Size: Waist 79-83cm / 31-32inch
XX-Large: Waist 84-88cm / 33-34inch

The Packaging: so this came packed in plastic wrapping, folded in half. The corset lace was already done up at the back ready, so all you needed to do was get it on and tighten it to your liking.

The Fit:  I have to say this fits so nice. I haven’t corsets in such a long time I forgot what they were like! This was nicely shaped, with boning inside to help keep the shape.

As it’s a zip front, it makes it so much easier to tighten at the back as normally you have to unlace, get in and then lace up again with the more traditional ones.

One thing I really did like about being in this is I didn’t find it uncomfortable in any way; sitting, walking around etc. This sat perfect on me all day.

The zip itself didn’t start unzipping itself either which I really did love about it; I have so many tops and dresses that do this and it ticks me right off, but the zip stayed put all day. The same goes for the lace back; it didn’t untie or loosen itself once throughout the day

The Front & Back: I gotta say I actually do love this corset. It’s one that can be dressed up or down (well down in my case this time) but it’s not something that is too provocative in any way which I really like.

The matted PU leather really did help in that case as the wet look would seem a little more ‘Soni keep that in the bedroom‘ type of feel.  And as it was quite a basic corset, I found it a lot easier to style rather than all the fancy brocade styles.

My Thoughts?

I am really digging this corset and I will be wearing this a lot more for sure. Layering with it was so much fun, creating such unique and bold styles. The fit of this is true to size which I really do like and you have the option with the lace to fit it as you wish.

2 thoughts on “Dear-lover Women’s New Style Leather over Bust Corset

  1. very attractive look really classy look
    I love your girlish style and as a pretty girl as a gentleman I can respect that.