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Curly Tots & Stripes

I’m seriously slacking this week and I really am sorry everyone! I have had a week from hell – work has been so busy I am finishing late and on top of that I have a major wedding to prepare for this weekend to the point I haven’t even been able to do my blogging!

So finally I have some time to myself to actually get an OOTD done for you all and I will be sharing wedding pics too over the next few days!

My outfit today consists of my bodycon stripey dress from H&M that I bought a while back and is currently my favourite along with BARE LEGS and my flatties! I danced so much last night that my feet are killing me badly this morning, so flats had to do me today! I only went with bare legs as I have been back and forth to the suppliers the past few days and the last time I went I ended up ripping my tights with the amount of boxes and folders I had to move. So I was playing it safe! I will be back in them next week and back to my reviewing too!


So for now, my short and sweet blog!!

Dress: H&M

Shoes: New Look

Earrings: Dorothy Perkins


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