Crumpets & Coffee : The Coffee Samplers Collection – Taste Test

Before I Begin…

Please don’t think that I am blogging this as I’m getting paid for it or it was some promo thing… I’m not. I wanted to do it as I thought it was a damn good idea to seeing as I was a proper newbie to all these flavours and wanted to write my opinion of it down somewhere. Not only am I a hosiery lover, but I love my food and drink too!


So I decided to purchase a sample box from Crumpets & Coffee a few days ago, as I’ve been meaning to try their coffee for a while now but never got round to it.

I got it directly from their website: The ‘Coffee Samplers’ Collection

(The link opens in a new tab by the way)


On here, you can find out exactly what you get inside, how many grams worth in each sachets and the flavours.

I received the sample box (it’s so cute) and got the following samples to try:

Coconut Cream

Toffee Deluxe


Rich Chocolate

Mint Chocolate

Smooth Vanilla

Cuban Rum

Choc Hazelnut

Maple Walnut



Sample Size

Each of these samples has around 2 cups worth, however I normally don’t have my coffee mega strong so I will be varying the amount on each. It’s entirely upto you how you choose to do this, so please don’t be judging me here!


How I Make The Fuel

I normally put in how much instant coffee I want, top it with milk, stir until smooth and then add my water in. I never do it coffee, water and then milk as it can burn and sometimes it can taste really cr*p.

Everyone is different; so choose your own way of making it. I thought I would add this in so you know how I’m blogging it.


Trial Time

As I’m doing rotational weeks at work, I thought this is the best time to trial them all out (rather than at home where I’m on a tea vibe). I normally work 8am-4pm full week and the switch to 7.30am-5.30pm part week – this is where I’m gonna need the coffee the most!


Sample 1 – Coconut Cream

So I went with Coconut Cream to begin with. I am a massive coconut fan; anything to do with it, I will get so I was eager to test this one out.

I decided to go with 1tsp to start myself off, as sometimes it can be too strong and there is no going back. As soon as you get the water in, you can instantly smell the coconut – pure bliss first thing in the morning!

I didn’t drink it straight away; I don’t know how people can drink boiling coffee, it just burns my tongue off! Anyways, so around 5 minutes later, I’m already eager to slurp away and oh my God! I am loving it! It was kinda weak (obviously!) but you can still get the coconut taste. You can taste the creamy-ness in it too, which is nice if you like denser coffees; I do, so this is just perfect!

Rate out of 10: 10

Link To Buy The Jar: Coconut Cream Flavoured Instant Coffee


Sample 2 – Toffee Deluxe

Right so this time I went in for the kill; droopy eyes at work and it’s not even hit 11am! I went for half the sample pack, which is around 2 ½ – 3 tsp.

Once again, as soon as the water goes in, the aroma is lingering around the kitchen!

After another 5 minute wait (goodness sake) I get slurping (I don’t actually slurp by the way, I just like saying that term LOL!) and this is good!!! It’s got that sweet taste and then comes the coffee kick.

This is one for those who like syrups in their coffee instead of sugar. Every time I go for a coffee, I always have to have some sort of syrup in there to stop me adding in sugar (unless it’s Starbucks coffee then I’ll have it a straight Americano).

Sweet-toothers, this is a good one for you to try!

 Rate Out Of 10: 8

 Link To Buy The Jar: Toffee Deluxe Flavoured Instant Coffee


Sample 3 – Gingerbread

Yesssssssssss finally trying the gingerbread. I am a sucker for gingerbread; I love it. Anything ginger is right up my street (along with Coconut of course!) I normally have to wait around Autumn/Winter to get anything ginger put into coffee from coffee shops, but it’s nice that I have it on demand now!

Now the good thing about this one is that as soon as you rip the seal at the top to open the packet, you instantly smell the gingerbread wafting out (and by the way the pouch isn’t actually open yet!)

I did 2 ½ tsp (so half the pouch) into my mug, milk then water and waited 5 minutes for it to slightly cool down.

This is one I would recommend to those who like depth to their coffee; I didn’t find that bitter coffee taste you can get afterwards and this has a lot of flavour. The gingerbread isn’t sweet and it quite strong, like you’re actually eating it in a cookie form. I found this to be smooth and deep and really nice actually. I just needed whip cream on top to finish it off nicely!

 Rate Out Of 10: 9

Link To Buy The Jar: Gingerbread Flavoured Instant Coffee


Sample 4 – Rich Chocolate

Okay so a little hesitant about this one as I’m not a chocolate and coffee person, but I will give it a go to say that I’ve tried it at least!

I went with 1 ½ tsp of this good stuff instead of half the pouch just in case!

So 5 minutes later, and already I smell the chocolate. I don’t know whether I like it or not to be honest, it’s a weird on!

Okay so slurp slurp away, and I just get the coffee hit. I only get a subtle hint of the chocolate, which I suppose is not a bad thing for me but could be for you if you love this stuff! I would have put half the pouch in to get the full flavour, but I’m actually happy with this amount. When you go to drink it, you can smell the chocolate, but in terms of taste it’s very very subtle and then the aftertaste is the chocolate.

 Rate Out Of 107

Link To Buy The Jar: Rich Chocolate Flavoured Instant Coffee


Sample 5 – Mint Chocolate

So this time I got my friend to try it out with me in the office; and this one I am looking forward to! I love mint, especially when it’s subtle! We decided to do 2 ½ tsp each this time (basically using the packet between us).

5 minutes on… You get a subtle hint of the mint flowing through the air whilst I’m waiting for this to slightly cool down. My friend decided to go straight in and burnt her tongue bless her so she had to wait a little longer.

Now this one isn’t as strong as you think it would be; it’s smooth, it’s subtle, it’s actually very nice! I got more of the coffee flavour come through, but I didn’t find it bitter. If you like the strong hit-you-in-the-face then you might wanna whack some more coffee into that cup because 2 ½ tsp won’t be enough for you here!

 Rate Out Of 10: 8

Link To Buy The Jar: Mint Chocolate Flavoured Instant Coffee


Sample 6  Smooth Vanilla

Once again me and my friend decided to try this one together; she is a fan of Vanilla and to be fair, I can be if the Vanilla is the right kind. I can be quite fussy!

We did 2 heaped tsp each in bigger mugs this time (I think we should have put more in, but we ended up running out of the stuff)!

So like the gingerbread, as soon as you rip the seal off (before you get into the packet) you instantly smell the good stuff; it’s not as rich and potent as some Vanilla’s can be. I found it to be lovely!

5 minutes later… This vanilla is good! It makes the coffee subtle and smooth rather than bitter and blah! If you’re after a strong coffee, then add in more granules. I thought this was great for the size mug we had each and the amount we put in.

 Rate Out Of 109

Link To Buy The Jar: Smooth Vanilla Flavoured Instant Coffee


Sample 7  Cuban Rum

Not gonna lie here, but I am actually not too keen to try this one. A part of me does as it sounds interesting, but a big part of me doesn’t want to as it doesn’t sound appealing to me.

As soon as I ripped off the seal, I got this really hardcore scent from the packet; it was a bit sweet, a bit in your face, a bit too strong for my liking.

I used 1 ½ heaped tsp in my mug because I thought it would be enough, and I am so glad I didn’t add in any extra!

5 minutes later… I am not liking this. The smell is just not to my taste, and well as soon as I started sipping, I couldn’t quite figure out what was going on. There was some sweet, there was something dead strong (and no not on about the coffee here) and then it became all toned down and normal. I have to admit it was a weird cup. I can’t say that this was one that I liked to be honest.

 Rate Out Of 105

Link To Buy The Jar: Cuban Rum Flavoured Instant Coffee


Sample 8 – Choc Hazelnut

Bring on the chocolateeeeee! I am excited to try this one out as I love hazelnut, especially in coffee! I went to rip off the seal, to then smell this amazing really sweet scent of coffee coming through! I am dying to try this one!

Now being sensible, I don’t want to full overload, so I did 1 ½ heaped tsp in my mug and waited patiently… for 3 minutes this time!

I went in and oh my God! This is proper sweet! You wouldn’t think it being chocolate and hazelnut which can be quite dulled down in coffee, but this is slightly overpowering to begin with and once you swallow, it then tones down and has a lovely aftertaste to it.

I’m glad I didn’t add in any extra coffee as this was just enough to get that sweet hit from it; any more and I don’t think I would have enjoyed it as much.

 Rate Out Of 108

Link To Buy The Jar: Chocolate Hazelnut Flavoured Instant Coffee


Sample 9 – Maple Walnut

And the finale – maple walnut! I left this one till last as I thought it would be sweet as anything and I was gonna go for it when I needed it the most (on my 7.30am shift pattern!)

I added in 2 tsp of this stuff (maybe I should have added less if this is gonna be really sweet) but we’re gonna roll with it.

As soon as you pop the coffee in the cup, you get a whiff of how sweet this is (that’s the maple attacking your nose) but I couldn’t get the walnut. That might be a hit I will experience later.

After 5 minutes, I went in … and I am amazed. This is not how I expected it to be at all; you get a deep walnutty taste with a small dose of maple afterwards. I thought I went overboard with how much coffee I put in, but this is just the right amount for sure. It’s not too sweet or too bitter, it’s literally just right! I absolutely love it! I have to say this gets full marks!

 Rate Out Of 1010

Link To Buy The Jar: Maple Walnut Flavoured Instant Coffee


Would I Recommend?

Yep I certainly would. If you’re not too sure which one to get, then I would suggest trialling them out with this sample set and you will be able to find the perfect one for you.

Or give it as a gift to someone who loves coffee – you can’t go wrong!

Crumpets & Coffee : The ‘Coffee Samplers’ Collection

One thought on “Crumpets & Coffee : The Coffee Samplers Collection – Taste Test

  1. I’ve tried amaretto coffee and didn’t much care for it to be honest.
    In my view, the flavour of pure coffee shouldn’t be messed with. It’s a holy thing. Untouchable.
    But, sure, there are hundreds of flavoured mixes out there and if you like that sort of thing, it can be fun finding the one that rocks your boat 👍👌
    Unfortunately for me, it’s not quite my cup of tea.
    Get it? 😛